Dishwashers help us in the kitchen, but they require the best detergents to leave dishes gleaming and residue-free. The best dishwasher tablets remove stains, baked-on food, and sticky sauces from plates and cutlery, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. These small-but-mighty tablets remove stains and soften water, allowing food to be dissolved without leaving any trace.

However, it should be noted that a dishwasher is only as good as the dishwasher tablets used – not all tabs live up to the hype. Some are insufficiently powerful, requiring you to hand-wash your pots and dishes afterward.

Surprisingly, we’ve found the best dishwasher tablets for the best results. These employ technology that scrubs away stuck-on residue and food from plates while leaving your glasses gleaming.

In addition, our handy buying guide will assist you in narrowing down these top choices. The way dishwashers and dishwasher tablets work together to clean dirty dishes is a feat of chemistry. The end goal should always be the kitchenware that looks just as good as new when you reopen that dishwasher door, from cutting through grease to leaving glasses watermark-free. Finding the best dishwasher tablets can be difficult, especially with so many options available.

Finish Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tablets – Best Overall

  • Clean stains and grease the first time
  • Works at lower temperatures
  • Budget-friendly

Another top-rated dishwasher tablet on our list. These are some of the most powerful dishwasher tablets available on the market. Though these dishwasher tablets are a little costly, they are worth it for the results they provide. There are several Finish dishwashing products available. However, the Quantum Ultimate dishwasher tablets have been designed to produce excellent results.

The tablet is composed of three parts. Gel and powder for scrubbing and degreasing, as well as a liquid Powerball for achieving the ultimate shine. Whereas these tablets are more expensive than others on our list. They promise to work the first time, cutting through grease and baked-on food while protecting glasses and preventing water spots. This would be mean that you shouldn’t have to hand-wash them or run them through a second cycle.

You don’t have to mess around adding other elements to your dishwasher with built-in rinse aid and salt, and the tablets can even work at lower temperatures. They are also packaged in a biodegradable wrapper.

E-cover All-In-One Citrus Dishwasher Tablets – Best for Eco Friendly

Ecover All In One Dishwasher Tablets

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • biodegradable

If you’re looking for a budget option? You might be interested in the Ecover All in One Dishwasher Tablets, which we recommend as the best dishwasher tablet for eco-conscious shoppers. Ecover provides the Best Eco Dishwasher Tablets at the Lowest Price. Dishwashing dishes by hand takes time. There are numerous things you can do to ensure that you do not harm the environment by using a dishwasher machine.

Ecover, as a brand, believes in ‘putting clean values into practice,’ and all of its products are subjected to stringent environmental and human standards. These  Ecover dishwasher tablets do not contain surfactants and instead contain their own biodegradable plant-based formula.

During testing, the tablets removed all food remnants from the dishwasher contents and worked especially well on glasses, leaving them gleaming. Their citrus scent is clean and at least 50% naturally derived.

The only disadvantage is that each tablet is individually wrapped. Despite the fact that these casings are PET 5 recyclable, they seemed unnecessary. Nevertheless, in terms of performance, even the dishwasher appeared cleaner, owing in part to the tablets’ inclusion of salt and rinse aid.

Astonish dishwasher tablets – Best for value 

All in One Dishwasher Tablets 100-pack

  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • salt and rinse aid built-in

These are high-quality Best Dishwasher Tablets UK that helps the user clean the glasses. The best dishwasher tablets will help to brighten up your glasses no matter how dirty or stained they are. According to our research, this dishwasher tablet outperforms a wide range of other products on the market.

When you consider their overall performance, these dishwasher tablets represent exceptional value for money. Astonish almost lived up to its claim of being able to remove even the “toughest stains, including tea, coffee, and dried-on food.”

The tablets are phosphate-free, but the ingredient list is not environmentally friendly. On rare occasions, a pan required a second-hand wash, but for the vast majority of tests, everything was spotless.

Our testing sample arrived in a cardboard box that could be recycled after the internal plastic wrapping was removed. There are resealable versions of the packs available.

Best Smelling Dishwasher Tablets: Fairy Platinum Plus

Fairy Platinum Lemon All in One Dishwasher Tablets 75-pack

  •    Glass and silver protection
  •       Prevents build-up of grease and cleans filter

Fairy’s Platinum Plus dishwasher tablets are a lemon-scented stain fighter that helps retain the original shine of your dishes. Whilst also have a pleasant smell. This tiny tablet contains three powerful cleaning agents as well as a powder base to tackle even the most stubborn dried-on food and grease.

Fairy’s exclusive enzyme and bleach system are featured in the powder base, while the liquid surfactant washes your dishes to a high-shine finish. No need to pre-rinse your dishes to get them spotless with such a strong cleaning agent. As tough as this tablet is, it’s gentle enough to use on your fine glassware and silver. It’s equally effective in low-temperature programs as it is in short-cycle washes. They also have a built-in rinse aid and salt for areas with hard water.

These same Fairy Platinum Plus dishwasher tablets are a great choice in tablets that also give life back to dishes that become dulled by poor-quality detergents or hard water. These are recommended by brands such as Whirlpool, Hotpoint, and Indesit.

Ecover Classic – Best Natural Dishwasher Tablets

Ecover Classic

  • Renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients
  • 100% recycled cardboard

The tablets are packaged in boxes made entirely of recycled cardboard that can be easily recycled. They’re also cruelty-free and promise to be tough on grease and dried-on food for a clean finish, with a fresh lemon-lime scent.

The Ecover Dishwasher Tablets are made entirely of plants and are biodegradable. Their ingredients, despite being plant-based, pack a powerful punch, leaving your dishes smear-free while also removing grease and baked-on food debris. A cleaning agent based on oxygen and a fresh citrus scent leave your dishwasher smelling fresh and your dishes sparkling.

The cleaning agents and scents are all derived from plant-based, natural materials. Also, the tablets are free of phosphates, parabens, and chlorine. These tablets, which have never been tested on animals, are a safe and environmentally friendly way to clean your dishes while also caring for the environment. For the best clean from these tablets, it is recommended that you also use the Ecover rinse aid and dishwasher salt.

Miele UltraTabs – Best dishwasher tablets for Miele

Miele UltraTabs All in 1 60

  • Phosphate-free and water-soluble wrappers
  • Built-in rinse aid and salt for shining results

The Miele Ultra dishwasher tablets were made solely for Miele dishwashers. They are expensive, but they promise to deliver gleaming results even on the toughest stains.

The UltraTabs have a water-soluble casing that eliminates the need for plastic wrappers and is phosphate-free, making them better for the environment. Your glasses should come out sparkling every time if you use rinse aid, salt, and glassware protection.

The tablets are available in packs of 20, 60, or 180, but it’s best to buy the larger ones. So, you don’t run out too quickly – though this can get expensive.

How Do Dishwasher Tablets Work?

There is chemistry at work in dishwashers to mitigate both dirt from your plates and the buildup of limescale in your dishwasher.

Builders are compounds that reduce water hardness caused by calcium and magnesium ions. Bleaches aid in the removal of common stains such as those caused by tea and coffee.

Surfactants cut through grease and contribute to leaving glasses sparkling, while enzymes help break down starch and protein in food remnants. Auxiliary ingredients, such as disintegrants, are responsible for quickly dissolving the tablet into the wash.

An element at the bottom of your dishwasher heats up water from your home supply to between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius. During a wash cycle, dishwasher tablets are released into this warmed water and dissolve due to the combined heat and washing motion of the water being pumped around your dirty things.

Things to Look for in the Best Dishwasher tablets

We put a lot of work on little dishwasher tablets. They must be safe to use on everything from plastic storage containers to wine glasses. However, they must be safe for us first and foremost. Since these items come into contact with the food we eat every day, everything packed into these little tabs must do its job. Then, wash away, leaving no chalky residue or soap scum. These items come into contact with the food we eat every day, everything packed into these little tabs must do its job. Afterward, it washes away, leaving no chalky residue or soap scum.

They range in price quite widely, and if used on a daily basis, you don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg for each wash. Tablet performance varies from machine to machine and is also affected by the wash program.

Dishwasher tablets are typically made up of a lot of chemicals. Bleach is a common ingredient. However, there are now eco tablets that claim to be more environmentally friendly. Also, it contains more biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, as well as recyclable packaging. We discovered that some of them performed exceptionally well.

Do you want to replace your old dishwasher or purchase a brand-new one for your home? Our guide to the best dishwashers uses survey results and expert advice to help you find the best one for your home.

Hard tablets or liquid capsules

As a basic guideline, hard tablets are less expensive than liquid capsules and last longer. This is to allow you to buy in bulk without worrying about them losing effectiveness. Even so, we have found that liquid capsules leave a better finish on the wash that you are completing. These hard tablets can sometimes fail to dissolve completely in shorter or cooler washes, leaving a residue on your dishes and glassware.

It is important to remember that the majority of hard tablets will be packaged in individual plastic wrappers. We understand that this may not seem like a big deal. However, trying to open these wrappers every time you want to use your dishwasher can be a real pain. Liquid capsules will have “layers” that dissolve in the dishwasher, resulting in less faff!


Dishwasher tablets are available in liquid, tablet, or capsule form. While each product is unique, they all contain a combination of builders, bleaches, enzymes, and surfactants. Some are designed to be more effective at high temperatures, while others are better at removing tough stains or cutting through grease.


It’s worth thinking about whether you want scented dishwasher tablets. This is really a matter of personal preference. Some people enjoy the smell of lemons coming from their dishes, whereas others find it offensive when they have to use the dishes or glasses afterward!

Cycle Length 

Some dishwasher tablets are better suited to different cycle lengths, so keep this in mind. All dishwashers have different cycle lengths, you can just choose the cycle best suited to the dishwasher tablet. However, if you want to save electricity and stick to shorter cycles, you’ll need a dishwasher tablet that works quickly and dissolves even faster!


If you would like to be friendlier to the environment, look for environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets. Tablets that are made from plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, packaged in a soluble wrapper. Don’t look for individual plastic wrappers, and that are vegan and cruelty-free. Look for recyclable packaging as well.

Rinse aid and salt

Dishwashers also require a rinse aid to aid drying and leave your dishes shiny and free of spots. There’s this salt to soften the water and protect the machine from limescale. You can buy dishwasher tablets that include rinse aid and salt. However, in hard water areas where limescale can build up, you may need to top them up separately to get the most out of your machine.


In a family home, you may find yourself filling the dishwasher more than once a day. So, the price may be an important consideration when selecting a dishwasher tablet. As you can see from our selection, you don’t have to spend a fortune.


On the market, there are three types of dishwasher detergents. These are available in gel or liquid form, powder, or tablet form. Contrary to popular belief, all three formulations of dishwasher detergents are distinct, despite the fact that they are all intended for use in dishwashers. Dishwasher detergents have an advantage over liquid detergents because their abrasive nature makes them better cleaning agents than cash. Moreover, fluid tends to settle in the nooks and corners of your dishwasher. It is necessitating the use of additional cleaning cycles. Most reviews and consumer reports rank the tablets as the best of the three. It is because they are pre-formulated according to the load, eliminating the need for precise measurements.


Dishwasher detergents lose their effectiveness and cleaning efficiency when they become wet. So, it is critical to keep them dry and free of contamination. When exposed to moisture or loses its freshness, it becomes lumpy, and the product loses its effectiveness. If the packaging of your dishwasher detergent is not designed to keep it dry and fresh. Then, you will have to make an effort to transfer your soap in a separate airtight container.

Minimal Residue

It’s pointless to use automated dishwashing equipment if you have to do the extra work of manually rinsing the dishes. Some dishwasher detergents are known to leave residue on the plates, necessitating extra rinsing. Choose cleansers that leave a minimal amount of residue to save yourself the trouble.

Grease & Stain Removal Strength

The best dishwasher tablets can remove stuck-on food from dishes, even if it has been there for more than 48 hours. These best dishwasher detergents have triple action power, which combines the use of powder, gel, and rinse aid to thoroughly dissolve, lift, and remove grease, stains, or stuck-on food. This is especially important if you load your dishwasher over several days, allowing food and grease to accumulate. You can learn how to avoid this in our blog post, as well as how to get the most out of your dishwasher.

Why Do You Need Dishwasher Tablets?

Dishwashers are amazing additions that alleviate the stress of one of the most dreaded household chores! If your house is anything like mine. Also, no matter how many times you do the dishes in one day, there will always be more waiting for you, lined up and ready to go. A dishwasher will save you time and hassle, keep the pots hidden away until you are ready to do them. Keep your hands from getting chapped from the washing water. In this way, you can even save you money because many dishwashers use less water than you will while washing up!

However, there is nothing more aggravating than returning to your dishwasher after it has completed its cycle to discover that your dishes are still dirty on the inside. You’ve done it right – rinsed the dishes first, placed the dishwasher tablet in the correct spot, picked the right cycle. Also,you still find yourself getting to wash those same pots that have just been washed! If this has happened to you, it is likely that you are not using the proper dishwasher tablets!

Do Dishwasher Tablets Clean Your Washing machine?

Whereas the dishwasher tablets are designed to clean dishes and glassware, a cleaning hack that has gone viral on social media claims that they can also be used to clean your washing machine.

The tip suggests placing four dishwasher tablets in the drum during a hot wash. As the water cleans the inside of the washing machine, it turns brown, and when it drains, the drum is left gleaming.  However, some cleaning experts believe that this tip may cause more harm than good to your machine. So, we recommend using a specially designed washing machine cleaner instead.

The Science Behind the Best Dishwasher Tablets: 

Dishwasher tablets work because they contain two enzymes: proteases and amylases. These two enzymes, along with other chemicals you might expect to find, such as bleach, all work together to break down. And it will eventually remove dirt and grease from your plates, glasses, and cutlery.

This clever design, combined with your water jet spraying dishwasher, will work together to clean your dishes in a more cost-effective and sanitary manner! No more soaking your pots in filthy water!

Which dishwasher tablets are right for you?

The Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwasher tablets are the best to buy. They have built-in rinse aid and salt actions that promise to cut through grease and baked-on food the first time. Whilst also protecting glasses from water spots and leaving them gleaming.

Get Your Next Best Dishwasher Tablets Now

Having a dishwasher certainly makes doing the dishes easier. However, if you don’t use a good dishwasher detergent, you might end up making more work for yourself! Using a tablet instead of a gel or powder has many advantages, including no messing around with measuring and no potential spills or messes. Just simply pop in the tablet and you’re done.

All dishwasher tablet brands promise the same thing, tackling the toughest and dirtiest stains on the dishes. However, not all dishwasher tablets can remove stains from the dishes. Only high-quality dishwasher tablets can clean your dishes so thoroughly that your cutlery sparkles and shines brightly.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher, you’ll understand the frustration of loading all your plates and dishes in. Only to be disappointed an hour later when you open the dishwasher and realize nothing has been properly cleaned.

Getting the best dishwasher tablets is all about their quality. However, it is also about your dishwashing needs. If you’re frequently cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll need a dishwasher tablet that cuts through grease.