Everyone who has a mobile phone knows that a great set of earbuds is also a must, particularly if you’d like to play music or podcasts.  Apple and Samsung are the top companies that people are choosing to forgo a headphone jack on their devices, it’s worth upgrading to a pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

Whenever you’re searching for a pair of wireless earbuds, it’s essential to remember how long you’re going to use them. If you’re planning to run or sweat with them, you’ll want to look for water-resistant earbuds or better to handle light splashes as well as sweats without affecting them. Battery life is indeed a major consideration, too. There is nothing worse than your mid-chorus dying earbuds. A great pair of wireless earbuds must have a minimum of 4 hours of battery life between charges, but others on this list have up to eight hours of playtime with so many more hours when you return them to their charging cases between listening.

Are Wireless Earbuds Worth it?

Wireless earbuds have attracted increasing attention in recent years, — particularly since the launch of the first pair of Apple Airpods. These headphones work like any other, with one notable thing: there are no wires attaching them to your device. Whilst also this may not sound like a bad thing, everyone who uses it constantly will tell you that this feature is important. With numerous different Bluetooth wireless earbud choices out there today, you’re heading to want a pair that offers premium sound, easily fits, does have a good battery life, can take calls, and is water-resistant, particularly if you want to wear them while working out.

For free movement to move when you listen to your hit music or podcasts, you’ll need to have a good pair of wireless earbuds. Fortunately, the best wireless earbuds fit just about any budget without sacrificing quality or features that matter so much to you. Your choices range from true wireless pairs to those with short cords that hold the two buds together, causing it helps to keep track of—and the corded-type also people tend to be less expensive.

To make it easy to choose the right pair, here’s the list of the best wireless earbuds for workouts, travel times, and much more.

Apple AirPods Pro – Best Wireless Earbuds on the Market

Apple AirPods Pro


  • Sweat- and water-resistant
  • Active noise cancellation


  • Costly
  • Not always in stock

The launch of Apple’s first AirPods ended up taking the popular wireless earbuds. But as ubiquitous as that pair may have been, their sound quality was improving steadily at best. This is not the problem with the tech set of trusted buds. Not only will the Pros have a greater sound quality than their counterpart, but they also offer remarkably effective noise control functionality, even though they look a little silly. But if you’re using an iPhone or any Apple device, no pair is much more user-friendly.

We can’t even talk about wireless earbuds without complaining about the Apple AirPods Pro. These earbuds take the cake when it relates to noise cancellation, that’s not something you can do with any earbuds. Apart from regular AirPods, the Pros have tailed silicone tips that give your ear a customized fit. Shorter stems, too, make the Pros somewhat more inconspicuous. The slim charge case provides more than 24 hours of battery life for extended listening.

Active noise cancelation is excellent, but sometimes you just need to hear what’s going on outside of your music. That’s where the transparency mode comes in. It allows out the sound, then you’re not going more than isolated from the world around you.

Prices and Availability

AirPods Pro is now available. You can now purchase directly from its store or in any of the trusted online platforms for a very affordable price which gives you two years of warranty support, which includes up to 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage.

Wireless Earbuds Design

We screamed at the design of the AirPods when Apple’s earbuds first showed up. There’s a lot of AirPods Pro memes sailing around the mini-hair dryer aesthetic. However, at the end of the day, it’s Apple that is really going to get the last laugh whenever the earbuds fly off of the shelves. Even though, while the AirPods Pro does have a polarised tacky retro-modern visual appeal, there is indeed a technique behind the madness.


Usually, when you wear AirPods, you have experienced a low level of panic. We love how light they are, but without a tight seal, we’re always concerned about one falling out. Not the AirPods Pro. Apple does include silicone ear tips for the very first time in the history of AirPods. Not one more pair, but the three of them.

But how would you remember the things that are your size? Your iPhone is going to tell you. Users will see the AirPods tab in the Bluetooth section of the iOS Settings menu. Tap it, and you’re going to discover the Ear Tip Fit Test. When you get started, this earbud will play a song in your ear. Whereas the sound is playing, the inner microphone listens to how the sound hits your ear canal, taking into consideration the distinctive curvature as well as bumps. If it fits, you’re going to get a green Good Seal notification. If that’s not the case, a note will imply if you should modify the fit or change it to another size.


It’s very easy, quick as well as it is beautiful to pair the AirPods Pro to the iDevice. Secs after popping the top of the charging case, an image of the AirPods Pro showed up on your iPhone, signifying that the earbuds were now already paired. As intended, pairing AirPods Pro to your Samsung phones took a bit longer since you have to press the button on the back of the case to start pairing, and then go to the Smartphone Settings menu to connect.

Wireless Earbuds Controls

Apple has already placed some of the complaints that people complained about limited contact controls with the AirPods Pro-Force Sensor. That’s also where you can play/pause, skip tracks, as well as switch the ANC on and off. All you’ve got to do is tap. Depending on the situation, a single press will play/pause or answer/end a call. Double-tap skips songs forward, whilst also triple-tap skips backward. Long pressing the sensor controls the cancelation of active noise. And, yes, this control scheme is heading over to Android.

Noise cancellation

Apple has officially joined the ANC party, and that sounds pretty good. And that says this for a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Seated in a completely quiet room, you can definitely hear a small buzz from the negative noise that the internal microphone is producing to counter external sounds.

Transparency mode

Sometimes you should let the outside world into your ANC-created peace. Apple introduced a transparency mode for those moments. Accessed either by a long press on either the Force Sensors or by implies of iPhone controls, Transparency allows atmospheric noise to be filtered into the sound stage. It is indeed good for runners as well as other pedestrians who would like to keep track of their surroundings while listening to music.

Audio quality

The AirPods haven’t ever aimed at the audiophile crowd, and neither do the AirPods Pro—and that was all right. The earbuds still continue to produce clean, balanced audio that’s loud and enjoyable.

Battery life and Bluetooth

Apple rates AirPods Pro for 4.5 hours of battery life, while both models offer 24 hours of charge case. Like AirPods 2, the case of AirPods Pro charges wirelessly so that you really can pop it on the Mophie Pad if you’re not using a handy Lightning cable. Also, the new charging case now gives an hour of battery life from just 5 minutes of charging time.

AirPods Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0, which would connect to other devices with faster, more steady connections than previous versions. It has the capability to connect to different devices. And so far as range is concerned, Bluetooth 5.0 can conceivably reach 800 feet. If you leave your phone buried in your couch in the living room, you could still listen to music in your office downstairs.

Call Quality

Good call quality is difficult to find in a pair of earbuds, but Apple is starting to make inroads as you discovered when testing the AirPods Pro on a busy street.

Bose SoundSport  – Best Wireless Earbuds for Comfy

 Bose SoundSport


  • Good bass and clarity
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good customer service


  • Not very loud
  • Not the most durable

Bluetooth earbuds, as efficient as they would be, are not really the finest to use when you’re in the fitness center. Even the comfiest set can slip right out if it’s jostled. But the Bose pair, which is tied along with a cord that goes behind the head of the wearer, has special tips as well as wings to help ensure they stay intact. On edge of that, the pair features the brand’s standard audio quality and seems to be water-resistant, allowing it a must-have for anyone to spend a lot of time working out. And if users don’t like the cord, they would not have to worry, because the cord-free version is happening soon.

These Bose SoundSport earbuds offer the chance to move freely and mobility of wireless earbuds with remote control and convenience. The cord connecting the two buds features a play/pause panel, volume, as well as a skipping track.

You can wear these earbuds while you’re working out, and you didn’t have to think about losing one of your earbuds if it falls out because these earbuds feature customized tips and ear hooks, and that they’re sweat-resistant and weather-resistant. You get six hours of listening to each charge.


The Bose SoundSport Wireless has a sleek, sporty visual style. They come in a few other different colors to suit your style as well as look premium and well-designed. Needless to say, they’re a little bulky and protrude out of your ears once you’ve taken them on, which is a little frustrating.


The Bose SoundSport has a comfortable earbud tip design. They do not fully enter the ear canal, eliminating the pain that some listeners often encounter with in-ear headphones. Also, their Stayhere+ tips are a little more comfortable and open than the other earbuds out there.  Sadly, they sometimes move around as you’re walking, which would cause minor discomfort as well as frustration, particularly when it affects the audio.


This earbud has a mediocre control system. They offer call/music, skipping tracks, as well as volume controls, but lack proper tactile feedback. The buttons are fairly large as well as heavily rubberized to make them sweat-proof. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to push buttons, particularly volume controls, unlike the more clicky and responsive in-line remote on the AKG N200.


As with most in-ear headphones, this Bose SoundSport Wireless is a really breathable headphone. The snare a little heat within the ear canal because of their design, which helps make your ears a little warmer, but that’s a very inconsequential increase in temperature that really shouldn’t make you sweat more than usual.


This wireless Bose SoundSport is convenient to carry in your pocket, bag, as well as your purse. They’re somewhat larger than regular in-ear models, however, the cable was not too long or too thick but doesn’t take too much space. This makes them quite portable just because they’re a little larger than the other similar products.

Build Quality

Bose SoundSport has an above-average build quality. The earbuds are dense and made of hard plastic, which should not be damaged by several falls. The audio cable does have a decent thickness, but the in-control module is coated with a rubber layer to make it sweat-proof. Sadly, the cable is not flat or consequently rubberized to enhance the strength. They were not as sweat-proof as predicted and might even be damaged by regular exposure to moisture, which would be more disappointing.

JBL Free X True Wireless In-Ear Headphone – Best Wireless Earbuds for Compact and Portable Design

JBL Free X


  • Decent sound.
  • Great isolation.
  • Compact and portable design


  • Very high latency.
  • No volume controls

With several Bluetooth earbuds in the sector now, it’s difficult to know where to begin. JBL’s pair is great for someone who isn’t aware of the high features and just wants a pair that’s stable and dependable. The brand’s offering offers crystal-clear sound, 24 hours playback time plus three stylish colors from which to choose. Tough to think of a good introduction to the wireless sound.

Wireless Earbuds Style

This wireless earbud has the same compact earbud design as JBL Free. The earbuds are very thick; however, they are pretty limited. They feel indeed very dense and durable, but also less high-end than some of the more premium, completely wireless models as we’ve tested.  The JBL Free X appears to be tougher and doesn’t feel as polished as the Apple AirPods. On the positive side, they come with a good circular charging case that’s not too bulky and also has a transparent cover so you can see whether earbuds are charging without opening it.


This earbud is a comfortable in-ear headphone. They are very compact and come with a variety of tip sizes and earbud sleeves to help you pick a good one. Although this is not as comfortable as that of the Bose SoundSport Free earbud, the difference is negligible and much more comfortable than other truly wireless in-ears. Nevertheless, they have a unique shape that would not fit almost everyone, particularly those with smaller ears.


JBL Free X has two physical buttons on each earbud. Pressing the button on the right earbud will play or pause your music, answer calls, and trigger a voice assistant on your device. The left earbud button is really for track switching: press once to head to the next track as well as press twice to go back to the last track. This very basic control is easy to use and the buttons are good as well as clicky. Sadly, like the JBL Free, the Free X does not have any volume controls. You’re going to have to reach your audio device when you want to raise or lower the volume of what you’ve been listening to, which would be a bit disappointing.


As with most truly wireless in-ears, JBL Free X is a really breathable headphone. This makes it an excellent choice to work out since they’re not going to make your ears sweat even more than your over-ear headphones. JBL Free X hardly tends to cause any changes in temperature, even after extended periods of use. The snare a little heat in the ear canal due to their in-ear design, try adding the rubber sleeves to the earbuds, however, the difference is still rather negligible and won’t keep you warm more than usual.


This is very portable and fits into almost any pocket. Their unique earbud design makes them a little smaller than most truly wireless headphones, making them one of the most portable headphones we’ve ever tested. The case would also fit easily into larger pockets.  The case will also fit into larger pockets too though.

Build Quality

JBL Free X has the same good build quality as JBL Free. The earbuds feel dense and lengthy enough to survive a few accidental drops, and the case is durable. But they’re sturdy, they don’t look or feel as high-end as most of the other really wireless headsets as we’ve reviewed the others.

Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Stereo Earphones – Best for Noise Cancellation

Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones


  • Ergo-fit bud that conforms to your ear
  • Noise cancellation


  • It might not have the same sound quality as higher-end options
  • No remote controls on the cord

If you’re not searching for the best sound features, and you just need a pair to have the job done, then it’s for you.

You’re not supposed to pick a pair of earbuds simply because of a desirable low price, but that isn’t to say that quality earbuds can’t be purchased at 10 bucks. These Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK In-Ear Stereo Earphones get an extremely comfy ergo-fit bud which is said to fit the shape of your ear. Some customers also mention that their noise cancellation and low-level clarity are extremely spectacular at such a low price.


This RP-HJE120-K has a simple but soft aesthetic that provides nothing out of the usual. As you can see, the in-ear buds have a two-tone dark black and grey color scheme. Its design is a basic audio cable. The minimal look may apply to some, but they’re still not going to stand out from the crowd.


The tips of the RP-HJE120 ErgoFit may not perforate the ear canal as deeply as some of the other in-ears and are probably more relaxed. After all, if you don’t figure the in-ear fit comfortable, you’ll have the same issue with these headphones. They don’t offer any distinctive tips to offer extra comfort, which is a little disappointing. On the positive side, the different tip sizes can contribute to making them fit better, and that they are extremely lightweight.


These RP-HJE120-K are super compact headphones. They could even fit comfortably into your pockets, purse, or bag and therefore do not take up too much space. Their simple and basic design makes them more compact. There really is no control module and that only the small in-ear buds and thin cable inhabit space. Sadly, they don’t really come with such a case which would be unfortunate.

Build Quality

Build quality is less than average. These headphones feel cheap-made looking. Their compact design means there are fewer parts prone to wear and tear. Even so, the audio cable is fairly thin and can get easily broken over time. The in-ear buds also are decided to make comparatively inexpensive plastic and therefore do not look as sturdy as some other in-ear designs.


These headphones really aren’t stable enough even for high-intensity activities such as running or jumping. The in-ear fit and portable design make them slightly stable at all during physical activity. Sadly, they don’t enter the ear canal as profoundly as most of the other in-ear models, and they don’t offer any particular tips to help with stability.


These headphones really aren’t stable enough even for high-intensity activities such as running or jumping. The in-ear fit and portable design make them slightly stable at all during physical activity. Sadly, they don’t enter the ear canal as profoundly as most of the other in-ear models, and they don’t offer any particular tips to help with stability.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wooden Headphones – Best for High- Quality

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Earbuds Wired


  • Made from genuine wood
  • Take phone calls
  • Highly-rated sound quality


  • Not a lot of bad things to say

These are often just as effective as they are elegant, handmade from genuine wood that actually offers absolutely absurd natural sound quality.

This pair provides off-average vibes. These Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wooden Headphones are often just as effective as they are classy, handcrafted from genuine wood that actually provides a great one. Deep bass, as well as clear sound, is indeed evident, with multiple earbud sizes to wrap out background noise. The brightly colored cord showcases buttons for volume control, voice commands, as well as phone calls. Essentially, they’re fancy AF and completely don’t look as though they’re under 25 dollars — but they actually are.


This Symphonized NRG 3.0 gets a simple and easy in-ear design with wooden earbuds that offer them a bit more flare. They have such a superbly rubberized cable with such a two-tone color theme that allows them to carry out. Even so, they don’t appear to feel notably premium.


This NRG 3.0 has a standard in-ear fit, that may not be comfortable for everyone. They emerge with several tips of various sizes but no foam ones for a much more comfortable fit. On the positive side, the tip material is very flexible, and if you’re utilized to in-ear models, these headphones ought not to feel any different.


The buttons on the in-line remote offer good haptic feedback and therefore are relatively easy to use. They deliver call/music, track skipping, as well as volume control so they’re a tad cramped. Even so, they’re adequately well-spaced out and therefore should not be too difficult to use in most circumstances.


As with most in-ear models, these headphones are relatively compact. They will fit comfortably into your bag or pockets. If you’re sometimes out and about need to bring your headphones on your person, this NRG 3.0 ought not to be much of an inconvenience. That being said, they only come with a pouch which would be more portable but doesn’t safeguard the headphones much.

Build Quality

This NRG 3.0 feels respectably durable. The cables are mildly thick and rubberized. The in-line control module is also very well put together and feels large and the wooden earbuds won’t break easily even after numerous falls. Nevertheless, since the earbuds don’t have a unibody design a few other parts will become loose after lengthened use. The cable is not removable like a few of the more expensive in-ear models.


These headphones are excellently stable for running. The in-ear fit smothers the earbuds fairly deep within the ear canal and the tips are adaptable enough just to conform to the shape of your ears. This helps make them fairly hard to dislodge all through casual listening sessions. They’re fully competent to jog with, but lack stabilization tips so a sharp tug mostly on the audio cable will start pulling the buds out of your ears. They’re solid for sports but might not have been the best under intense workout situations.

TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling Wired earbuds – Best for Sound Quality

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Good sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Nice bass and clarity


  • Clunky ANC battery
  • No battery life indicator

At this price range, TaoTronics’ active noise cancellation is pretty much remarkable.

Noise cancellation comes in certain sorts of shapes and sizes, and all these TaoTronics wired earbuds are one of them. The switch-to-switch active noise cancellation on and off is indeed a bit bulky, however, the rest of the earbuds have a nice, sleek design.

Pressing an in-ear monitor button brings the buds in monitoring mode, which enables you to listen to what’s happening around you while listening to announcements whereas the active noise cancellation is on. Because of the ANC feature, these earbuds will have to be charged, however, a single charge gives you 15 hours of noise cancellation.


These TaoTronics are really a classy pair of silver-and-black earbuds made from a mixture of durable machined aluminum alloy and also plastic. Included are four pairs of ear tips as well as four pairs of pliable rubber ear hooks to help maintain them securely in your ear. The swappable ear tips and ear hooks allow us to find your great match while keeping the earbuds planted firmly in your ear canal. The angled nozzles of the ear tips also help with convenience for longer wear. All this weighs in at just under 1.1 ounces and therefore can easily fit into pockets and bags.


The middle button, termed the Multifunction button, utilizes a specific click to play and pause music and also answering calls. Hold that same button longer and that you can use voice controls such as Siri or Google Assistant. Press it twice to skip forward to the next song and three clicks to take you back to the previous track. The Volume Up and Down buttons will control the level accordingly whereas the LED light provides you charging time status and informs you when the ANC function is switched on. The microphone dwells on the back of the remote for clearer phone calls.


The included user guide that comes with the Taotronics is greedy. It provides a product diagram as well as discusses how to charge the headphones, so we had to use trial-and-error to find out specific features as well as controls.

It’s important to remember that the TaoTronics are wired earphones and have to be plugged into your audio input with the gold-plated 3.5mm headphone jack. As there is no Bluetooth technology if you have a smartphone without even a headphone jack — an increasingly prevalent omission on flagship phones — you’ll need a 3.5mm USB-C or Lightning adapter. A two-pin airplane audio adapter is also included for use with in-flight enjoyment.

Sound Quality

These TaoTronics TT-EP01 Active Noise Canceling Headphones have great audio. Users enjoy concise midst and deep, energetic bass — a big efficiency from the shallower bass of cheaper products. The midst is both warm and crisp, although these headphones have more trouble with both the highs, which are as clear.

Noise Cancelation

The most notable feature of the TaoTronics headphones is its Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology, which would be controlled with such a small switch on the side of the rectangular housing at the bottom of the audio cable. The technology works by listening to your surroundings and piping in matching sounds waves to blot out all the sound.

Otium Wireless Earbuds – Best for Touch Controls

Otium Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0


  • Responsive touch controls
  • the battery indicator is a nice touch


  • Poor sound quality
  • poor call clarity
  • bad fit.

For good sound quality at such a fair price, these Otium wireless earbuds are really a top choice. The sound can remain competitive to high-end earbuds.  These wireless earbuds offer deep bass and also have Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection with almost any smartphone. You can easily tap to skip to the next track or modify the audio settings through its smartphone app.

The case provides over 100-hour battery life in maximum and contains an individual power display so that you always notice how much charge you have left. Reviewer’s report having four to six-hour battery life for the earbuds themselves with every charge. With its built-in mic as well as noise-canceling features, these earbuds are great for your commute to and from work or a gym session. They also sweat- and waterproof with an IPX7 rating. Even so, for extra security during high-intensity workouts, you could perhaps prefer an ear hook style so it won’t be bothering you while doing something.

These earbuds load a powerful sound system in such a small form factor enabling superb audio quality with noise cancellation. They possess great battery life and therefore do not fall from your ears.

Wireless Earbuds Design

These PowerPods don’t dearth visual appeal, with such a smart-looking tiny logo on the front. We can’t notice it anywhere on the packaging, but it looks quite nice on the edge of a nice-looking metal button.

The charging dock is similarly fairly smart with a handy screen displaying what percentage of all its charge the dock is actually holding out of 100. This is a really convenient way of tracking your battery. As just a chronic battery chronic worrier, this is a particularly good idea for everyone, and we wish this would show up on more product lines. The surface of the charging dock definitely does entice fingerprints, though.

As far as the other features move, you always get much, as one would expect for a very affordable and fair price. That being said, they’re IPX7 waterproof, indicating you could conceivably slip them into a 3-foot pool of water with no damage. We wouldn’t recommend it, and neither would we suggest washing them under the water, but they’ll definitely be able to manage the moisture leading from your daily workout.


These PowerPods weren’t the best-fitting earphones we have ever tried, yet they’re doing the job. They remained comfortably in your ear, and they didn’t appear like they all had any urge to flee.  We would assume with continuous use, they will also soon grow mildly tiring, but that is not a bad thing.

Whilst still we’d love to see a little bit more consolidation here, like an ear hook or something, the fit is definitely sufficient.

Sound Quality

We’re going to be very honest here: these Otium PowerPods sound terrible. Like, truly bad.

We like to listen to things in a positive light. Sometimes we normally think that things are overvalued, or perhaps a tad triage, or a little dark for one’s taste, but the PowerPods are different. For most product lines, we can find something, everything which they thrive at. We started to wonder if I was too considerate of color patterns, too unreflective, too keen to like the headphones we’d reviewed for the whole day.  With these PowerPods, there really is no such worry. If they do have one strength, it’s telling me what seriously terrible audio makes it sound like.

They somehow are bassy, dark, soggy, nasal, echoey, and microphonic at the same time. The bass is soulless and plodding, whilst also concurrently loud and muddy enough just to render specifics in the midst of inaudibility. Those midsts are extremely thinned-out as well as recessed, robbing all instruments and voices of their existence and body. Compared to the others, the timbre is relatively irreverent, but it’s certainly not good!

We’ll say that with aggressive equalization, we eventually managed to get all these earphones to sound almost as good as their comparable competitors. But is it really all good enough to justify it? That says it all.

APEKX True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Sports – Best Wireless Earbuds for Sport Activities

APEKX Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds

If you have a difficult time finding a pair of wireless earbuds that stay in place, you might like to consider these APEKX true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds. These have an ear hook design that safely ties around your lobes to prevent them from falling off when you’re jumping, dancing, as well as running. You get 2 distinct sizes of ear hooks to figure out your ideal fit. These earbuds also are sweat-proof, with an IPX7 rating to withstand both spots of rain as well as perspiration. Their Bluetooth 5.0 allowed and sync quickly with devices. The battery life lasts about four hours between charges, as well as the earbuds come with a charging case to offer you up to 22 hours of playtime in maximum. Plus, they come in three colors: black, neon pink, as well as neon yellow.

We have been searching for the perfect pair of wireless earbuds with ear hooks on them, then we discover these earbuds. We must recommend this to everyone whereas they did wonderful even if you are running, jumping, as well as lifting weights. Even when you were sweaty, you didn’t have to fix them all the time as with the other ones constantly. They sync up well to one another and pair fast with your phone.  Obviously, a good buy.

These APEKX wireless headphones are really a pair of budget earbuds available worldwide that don’t disappoint. Here are a few of this product’s stand-out features:

IPX7 waterproofing

It is a “true” level of waterproofing. This is not just sweat-resistant like most wireless Bluetooth 5.0 sports earbuds; these dudes can be submerged in water up to a meter depth for up to 30 minutes.

Wireless Earbuds – Noise cancellation

This feature enables these APEKX wireless headphones to adequately protect your crisp sound from the outside noise.

Charge battery life

For a pair of budget wireless headphones, the 5-hour battery life is still more than remarkable. This is improved slightly over the 4-hour battery life of the previous version.

Portable wireless charging case

The charging capacity of this wireless charging case seems to be the best out of all of APEKX wireless headphones at 800 mAh. The case not only charges your headphones wirelessly but it also can be charged wirelessly.


Although these headphones highlight a full “wrap around” earpiece, they even now weigh just 55 grams. This ultra-small, as well as considerate pair of headphones, is great in terms of comfort as well as portability.

All in all, the APEKX true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 sports earbuds have had quite a number of notable qualities. We will be more than comfortable with these earphones at this price range.

What Are the Things to Consider Before Buying Wireless Earbuds?

When purchasing a new phone, it’s almost always common practice to get free earbuds with your acquisition. Even so, these freebies seem to be of low quality and don’t even last long. What if you really need to buy a new one? How would you know whether the earbuds are good for your device?


Customers these days generally base their purchase decision on these three factors: design, price as well as brand. Initially, they look at the earbuds’ overall appearance. Does this really look elegant? Does the color scheme match their taste? Second, they test the price of the product. Does this really fit into their budget? Can they get stuff cheaper for much the same quality? And last one, the brand. Is the brand known internationally? Is it trusted by a lot of customers?

These are valid reasons to make the decision on which earbuds to purchase. Although it is sufficient. Selecting earbuds depending only on these considerations may not even give you the best value for the money. To prevent future purchasing earbuds you’ll despise, check the following factors before continuing with your purchase.


Maybe the most important edge about wireless earbuds seems to be how comfy they are. You need to comprehend that they’re just a relatively recent invention, and changes have been made all the chance to create them more efficient. People who go after wireless earbuds likely plan on donning them for a couple of hours, at least, on a regular basis, and they need to be comfortable, or else that can be really painful to put it on for prolonged times. So, always inform about the comfort and read reviews on what a person has to say as it will just not work for you. But whenever feasible, try them on and see if they function with your ears and even if the design is comfy enough even for you.

Sound quality

This is surely the most important edge of a pair of headphones overall, and wireless earbuds in specific –– especially for audiophiles. People really do want to listen to music or watch videos via a pair of earbuds that sound poor or have too strong or too weak of bass, for instance. What makes audio quality a very essential edge with wireless earbuds explicitly is the fact that they rely on Bluetooth connections to convey the audio, and Bluetooth wasn’t ever intended with the specific intent to transmit high-quality audio. Exactly correct, companies will keep learning new things to enhance the quality, however, at the end of each day, the sound still is compacted which implies a poorer level. So, this same trick is in getting the right pair that offers the best sound quality potential, which will also likely still not be as nice as a pair of traditional wired earphones.


Since before wireless earbuds were introduced, companies are now competing to deliver the best choice to their customers. You will find a variety of new products in the market, all with their pros and cons. As seen in the reviews, you have to look for both the least expensive possible –– without compromising quality –– since these small wireless earbuds can get quite pretty expensive as well as you likely have a budget to stay too. So, look at your various options to see which costs less, or what the features of those cheaper earbuds are.


The controls that occur with wireless earbuds make a significant difference in your customer quality and how smooth utilizing them is continuing to be. It is also the tiny things such as increasing and lowering the volume with a tap or a gesture and going to move to the next or previous track that does make an impact. Those controls would then differ from a pair of wireless earbuds to others, based on the company’s design and offered features. The more choices you get and the better the controls are, the more advantageous the earbuds will be. Users don’t really want to be compelled to accept their phone to move to the next song every time they would like to skip one. There are also some wireless earbuds that come with a voice command option, which would be kind of awesome.

Battery life

Battery life itself is an area all of the big corporations are trying to compete to excel in. So, every pair of wireless headphones comes with a certain battery lifetime based on many factors, and if you prepare on using those for extended hours during the day without charging, then maybe you should certainly recommend earbuds that provide you a minimum of 7 to 8 hours. The best part is companies are already offering charging cases, so when you are not using or plugging through your earphones to charge, they have been charged in your pocket.

There really is no concern about the essence that wireless earbuds and headphones are in the modern world. There had been a lot of opposition against that concept when they first did come out, and companies tried to remove headphone jacks from their phones, but now, almost everyone is doing just that. Those devices give benefits, flexibility as well as portability, and also very cool designs as well. They even sound very good now compared to prior designs which used to sound dreadful.

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It is somewhat intriguing in seeing how technology has already changed over the past few decades, with various inventions as well as solutions arising all the time to make life easier. There had been a time when the only thing to play music was through a gramophone or a record player, but all that changed with time. Headsets were then invented and individuals had a distinct way to listen to telecasts and music, but not too long later, earphones started to emerge. Maybe the high point of inventiveness was the invention of wireless earbuds. Remember the days of tripping on cords and needing them tangled up in your pockets. The wireless option changed the whole game, which is quite a cool invention. Even now, if you want to purchase one, there are a few factors that you need to consider first.