After a long day at work, those few extra minutes in the shower are the most soothing of your day, and that would be a shame if you didn’t make the most of them with the proper electric shower. Shower time is indeed the ideal time to improve your singing skills, complain about getting ghosted, dumped by someone, and fulfill your plans to take over the world, in addition to cooling off. Whatever you like to do in the shower, make absolutely sure you’re utilizing the best electric shower 2021 that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, as well as calm.

To achieve your desired temperature, electric showers take cold water, pass it through an electric heating element in the unit, and thereafter mix it back in with a little cold water. Electric showers, unlike mixers and power showers, just require a cold-water supply. This makes them a popular choice for individuals with small hot water tanks, those who want hot water on demand, and anyone searching for a quick and painless shower installation.

Electric showers, as opposed to relying on a hot water input from your boiler, are connected directly to your mains supply. They’re also good for people who have combi boilers, though they can be utilized with any type of boiler. Are you looking for the most effective electric shower for your bathroom? You’ve reached the right place.

Before you go out looking for the best electric shower for you, you should learn a few things about how they function as well as the differences between the different models available so you can make a decision. You don’t have to worry about searching these electric showers anywhere because we’ve got you covered as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best electric shower UK by scrolling down below.

Mira Azora (1.1634.011) Chrome – Best Electric Shower for the Price

Mira Azora (1.1634.011) Chrome


  • Draws water straight from the mains supply, allowing you to have hot water without relying on your heating system.
  • Thanks to Mira technology, all-electric showers will last up to 50% longer.
  • Even if the water pressure drops, the thermostatic control keeps the shower at a safe temperature.
  • Phased shutdown removed hot water from the tank, making it safe for the next user and preventing limescale buildup.
  • Four modes are included. Easy limescale removal with a 110 mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles


  • Not so appealing but it does have a great feature

With the mind-blowing design of this bath, you can add that special something more to your bathing room. The captivating frosted glass makes this bath one of a kind and should give your bathing area the perfect appearance.

This bath is not the most effective approach to achieve a pleasant appearance in your bathing room, but it does have the lovely feature that all Mira showers have. This magnificent frosted glass-fronted electric shower adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the electric shower concept, sitting nicely among other contemporary bathroom fixtures – proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style when installing an electric shower.

This Mira Showers 1.1634.011 Azora Electric Shower is a cutting-edge technology that transforms your bathroom into a 5-star hotel. The temperature and power settings are controlled by two very slim knobs. Thermostatic technology protects the family by preventing scorching caused by a change in water temperature.

Mira Azora Best Electric Shower Features:

  • Simple settings

For the convenience of usage, there is a push-button on/off switch with three flow levels. Shower whenever you want it.

  • Stylish design

Use this frosted glass for achieving a modern look.

  • Consistent showering performance

Mira technology lowers limescale build-up by up to 50%, resulting in a shower that lasts longer and performs better.

  • Greater coverage

Large 4-spray showerhead with easy-to-clean rub-clean nozzles for a better showering experience.

  • Safer Showering

Safer Showering Mira technology protects you from abrupt hot water rushes if your showerhead or hose has a blockage that suddenly clears.

Triton Seville (NN587) White – The best budget electric shower

Triton Seville (NN587) White (Best Electric Shower)


  • Cost
  • Build is substantial


  • The showerhead is very basic

Let’s be honest, this is a really basic, low-cost electric shower. It’s small, but not particularly appealing, and it’s devoid of any advanced features. There’s a single dial for switching between Cold, High, as well as Eco settings, as well as another for adjusting the temperature, and the showerhead has only one spray pattern.

What Makes this Best Electric Shower Special?

Users claim it offers a consistent flow of water at a pleasant, warm temperature, and that it’s versatile and easy to install, despite a few critics here and there. Do you want to spend as little as possible? You’ve come to the right place. This shower comes in four different power settings to accommodate everyone’s demands.

We chose this model to review because it isn’t that much more expensive than the 7.5kW model provided it is a good fit for your bathroom. It has various cable and water input locations, making it an excellent solution for replacing an electric shower kit. The showerhead sprays a nice volume of water and is easy to clean after each use with a simple wipe.

It’s a fantastic deal, with all models costing not that pricey and very budget-friendly. If you’re particular about spray patterns, you may want to replace the head at a later time. Despite being on the basic side, it is a highly popular model, and many reviewers say it is surprisingly efficient.

Model Specifications:

  • Power: 7.5kW, 8.5kW, 9.5kW, 10.5kW
  • Power Levels: 3
  • Flow Rate: Min 11 l/min
  • Dimensions: 58 x 26 x 17 cm

Bristan Bliss (BL3105) White – Best Electric Shower for Style and Digital Controls

Bristan Bliss (BL3105 ) White


  • Design
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Good price


  • Could say that the showerhead design lets it down a bit

The Quartz is a fantastic shower for families or busier households, and it has earned a slew of awards, ensuring that it is one of the best on the market.

We can see now why: it has a lot of features that make it well worth the investment. The push-button controls make it simple to operate, and the LED lighting adds to the aesthetic value. The showerhead is available in five different patterns, which would be ideal if you prefer your water to be in a certain manner.

Bristan Bliss Best Electric Shower Features

The OTP system prevents the selection of extremely high temperatures, which is ideal if the entire family will be using it. There’s also a delayed shutdown feature that flushes out any residual hot water, preventing limescale and ensuring you don’t get a frigid blast of water the next time it’s switched on.

This is one of the quietest when in use, as well as the showerhead is excellent, with five spray patterns to choose from. The installation is easy, and the entire usability is similarly straightforward. It’s no surprise that it’s earned Best Buy awards and topped a slew of other review pages.

With five different water and electric cable entrance points to select from, the Bristan Bliss is an easy replacement for many popular budget showers and is fairly flexible in its installation. Digital controls, as well as a smidgeon of style, set it apart from the entry-level devices. The unit is available in black or white and features only three touch-sensitive buttons, a rotary control for flow and heat, as well as a digital temperature monitor.

The design, the steady heat, and the powerful flow rate are all popular features, as is the way the LCD flashes until the water reaches the desired temperature or displays “CL” to remind you to clean the showerhead. It’s a nice-looking mid-range shower with a little more to offer.

Model Specifications:

  • Power: 9.5kW
  • Power Levels: 3
  • Dimensions: 49.2 x 34 x 15.4 cm

Mira Sport Max White – Best Electric Shower for Budget Option

Mira Sport Max White/Chrome (1.1746.007) Chrome, White (Best Electric Shower)


  • The air boost option makes a big difference
  • Its Showerhead is a nice size
  • Simple to keep clean


  • On the louder side

Mira Sports Best Electric Shower Key Features

Showers require a lot of water, and some of them use power as well. This model is packed with technologies that can help you get the most out of it without taking up precious resources if you’re concerned about not only keeping expenses down but also keeping energy usage down to protect the planet.

Air boost technology boosts the flow by up to 30% without using any additional water, and that you can also switch to the eco setting to achieve the exact pressure and sensation you desire.

Not only is the showerhead efficient, but it does have an eco-friendly setting. With a diameter of 110mm and four sprays, as well as sufficient water pressure, you’ll probably be standing under it for less time than with other models.

Moreover, it reduces the chance of limescale by up to 50%, meaning you’ll have to clean the showerhead less frequently and won’t be left standing in the shower with insufficient pressure. When you increase the power, the noise level increases as well, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Mira is a high-quality brand, and this piece of equipment exemplifies that.

Model Specifications:

  • Power: 9.0kW, 10.8kW
  • Power Levels: 3
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 21.5 x 35.8 cm

Bristan Glee (GLE395 W) White – The Best Electric Shower with Extra Power

Bristan Glee (GLE395 W) White


  • Clean design
  • Good instructions
  • Plenty of installation points


  • Seems to deliver a bit less pressure than it advertises

There would be two different pressure powers to choose from, there’s a strong possibility that this shower model will work well enough in your home.

Bristan is the most well-known brand in the tap industry, supplying hospitals, schools, as well as hotels, and even an estimated one out of every four houses in the UK. As a result, there was a lot of pressure on this review.

Fortunately, it was a huge success. If you’re replacing an existing unit, it’s simple to install, with a one-touch water connector and a variety of water entry locations.

Expect to be unable to duplicate the Herbal Essences commercial due to the poor shower head flow. However, it is simple to operate and is a good value for the money. If you are confident and able to handle the work yourself, the instruction booklet includes in-depth installation instructions as a freebie.

Model Specifications:

  • Power: 8.5kW, 9.5kW
  • Power Levels: 3
  • Dimensions: 10 x 19.5 x 30.5 cm

Triton Aspirante (ASP08GSWHT) White – The Stylish and Best Electric Shower

Triton Aspirante (ASP08GSWHT) White

Triton’s Aspirante in White Gloss is more than just a shower, with its ultra-clean lines as well as minimalist styling. The Aspirante electric shower will provide in this lovely white gloss finish, whether you’re looking to complement a colored bathroom décor as well as create your own oasis of peace. This model is designed to work with an 8.5kW power supply.

This shower is a delight to use and looks fantastic hanging on any wall, thanks to its gloss white finish, curved unit design, as well as rounded buttons and dials. The Triton Aspriante’s tiny edges make it appear as if the unit is levitating against the wall rather than being connected – magic!

Triton’s 8.5kW Aspirante Electric Shower oozes elegance, making it ideal for any bathroom, particularly those seeking a designer touch.

Riviera Sand, Black Gloss, White Gloss, Brushed Steel, Pearl Black, as well as Gun Metal are among the six unique color options offered by Triton. It’s entirely up to you! To meet your needs, the Aspriante is now available in 8.5 and 9.5kW power outputs.

The Triton Aspirante Best Electric Shower White Gloss Features:

  • There’s a Power up, power down, and everything in between with an illuminated soft-touch button. A single smooth-action control knob is included, as well as
  • The modest curving front with narrow corners provides the sense of a floating tile in this simple design.
  • Slimline Compact Design – Provides a discrete as well as integrated appearance.
  • Power buttons that light up when you press them gently
  • Start/stop with a push of a button to choose your preferred shower setting every time.
  • Indicator’s power
  • A simple temperature control knob that is easy to hold and moves in a pleasant smooth manner.
  • 5 spray patterns with a rubbed clean showerhead
  • When the shower is turned off, the water continues to stream for a few seconds to flush off any preheated water before totally stopping.

Triton Aspirante (ASP09MTBLk) Black – Best Electric Shower with Great Features

Triton Aspirante (ASP09MTBLk) Black

Fit your elegant shower enclosure with the Aspirante Electric Shower, expertly created by Triton, to bring the attraction of black into it. The charming fixture’s basic design is enhanced with a stunning black finish, infusing pizzazz and style into your shower room. To give delightful showers, the electric shower comes with a showerhead and a riser kit. It’s even more convenient to use thanks to temperature control that’s been stabilized, soft press illuminated power buttons and a phased shutdown feature.

Aspirante puts cutting-edge design at the core of your bathroom, whether you’re looking to add a cool feature or find inspiration for a comprehensive bathroom overhaul. It comes with an all-black shower kit with a five-spray pattern shower head and easy-to-use LED soft-touch buttons. To assist reduce limescale buildup, the phased shutdown washes off hot water after usage.

Triton’s Aspirante is more than a shower. This is a perfect model and design for someone who prefers black and is more of a mysterious type. This model is for a 9.5 kW power supply and comes in a matte black finish.

Triton Aspirante ASP09MTBLK Best Electric Shower Features:

  • Enhanced shower kit gives perfect overhead showering experience with extended shower head holder arm for the included five spray pattern showerhead
  • Easy to use – Illuminated soft-touch buttons power you up, the power you down, and everything in between
  • Compact slim design
  • Push-button Start/Stop
  • Phased shutdown – Flushes out preheated water after use to help reduce limescale build-up
  • Temperature control stabilized
  • Low-pressure indicator
  • Push-button power control
  • 5 pattern showerhead
  • Maximum static pressure 1000 kPa (10 bar)
  • Maximum inlet temperature 28 degrees C
  • Minimum inlet temperature 2 degrees C
  • IPX4 Splashproof rating
  • Load profile – XS
  • Minimum Running Pressure / Flow – 1 Bar @ 8 l/min: 1.5 Bar @ 11 l/min for 10.5kW
  • Rub clean nozzles
  • Showerhead holder mechanism – Twist and lock
  • Includes soap dish
  • 5m anti-twist hose
  • Hose retainer
  • BEAB, CE, BSI Kitemark approved product
  • ABS – Backplate, cover, controls, showerhead
  • Acetal – Sprayplate
  • Elements – Minerally insulated corrosion-resistant metal sheathing
  • Manufactured from high-quality material
  • Comes in matt black finish

What are the Features to Look for In Best Electric Shower?

Electric showers are not all the same, and they differ in terms of features. First and importantly, the ability to pressurize water is at stake. You can utilize any form of the electric shower if your home’s water pressure is strong. A model with a built-in pump will be more suitable for houses with low water pressure.

Since you’ve done reading the best electric shower reviews above, let’s move forward. When it comes to selecting the best electric shower, different features will work for different people. Which electric shower is the most impactful? With temperature control as well as a multi-mode showerhead, it should be a powerful yet energy-efficient gadget. Let’s take a closer look at these qualities and see which items might be called the greatest electric showers.

Showers with safety measures that prevent the shower from being set at dangerously high temperatures or that automatically reset the thermostat when pressure changes should be avoided by families with young children.

It’s also a good thing to keep an eye out for models that include a ‘phased shutdown’ feature. This is a function that allows the shower to run for a few seconds after it has been switched off to remove any leftover hot water and safeguard the next user from getting scalded. All of the models in this area have been phased out.

While electric showers were formerly regarded to be less appealing than power showers or gravity-fed ones, this is no longer the case; as our roundup demonstrates, there are lots of fashionable and contemporary options available, albeit they do tend to be more expensive than the more basic models.

When looking for the best electric shower, keep the following things in mind:

Adjustable Shower Head Spray Patterns

Some people prefer a fine, exquisite mist to be emitted from their showerhead. Others want their showerhead to pound their back like a massage therapist to relieve pressure and stress. Others relish the sensation of a Constant, heavy downpour. The top shower heads give you a variety of options so that everyone in your house smiles when they get out of the shower.

Handled vs. Fixed

You have more flexibility with a hand-held shower head. You may either hold it in your hand while showering to target specific areas of your body, or you can fix it in its base and go old-school. If flexibility is vital to you, a detachable showerhead is a way to go. A fixed shower head, on the other hand, should be just up your alley if you don’t want to be bothered holding something while relaxing in the shower.

Conserving Water

Nowadays, water Conservation is a must. So much so that many localities have rules on what kind of shower head you can use. Even if you don’t live in an area where such rules exist, water Conservation is just as vital as energy Conservation. As a result, you should always opt for a showerhead that maximizes the use of less water.

Easy Installation Procedural

The installation of a shower head is usually a simple task. Basically, it’s a matter of unscrewing the old one, cleaning the threads, and screwing in the new one. There are a few showerheads on the market that require a little more effort, but any skilled do-it-yourselfer should be able to manage them.


Although some showerheads include water filters, the majority do not. Because a lot of municipal water contains substances like chlorine and ammonia, which can irritate the skin, filters can be a useful feature. If your showerhead doesn’t have a built-in filter, there are a variety of options on the market, including carbon filters, KDF filters, bioactive filters, and even vitamin C filters, all of which can be fitted reasonably quickly.

Controls for the temperature

To maintain a Consistent temperature, most, if not all, electric showers incorporate a thermostatic control. Naturally, the more you play, the more accurate these temperature adjustments will be.

Safety cut-out

Similarly, nearly all showers include a safety cut-out that cuts off the water flow if it becomes too hot.


This simply refers to the option of choosing between buttons, knobs, as well as touch-sensitive controls for the shower. A few other models will feature visible temperature displays, while those built for the vision handicapped will employ a chime to signal when the proper temperature has been achieved.

Protection against limescale

At the end of the shower, this is commonly managed by going through a series of increasingly chilly water phases. It’s a smart idea since it protects the inner workings of the showerhead from limescale buildup, which might eventually cause your shower to stop working.

Kilowatt Rating & Power

When purchasing an electric shower, the first thing to consider is the kilowatt (KW) rating, which indicates how efficiently the device will heat water. The faster the cold water is heated, the higher the rating. Furthermore, kilowatts have an impact on the shower’s ability to sustain water flow and pressure, which has an impact on the whole shower experience. These electric showers are available in wattages ranging from 7.5 to 10.5 KW. Larger cables are used with more powerful equipment. For example, a shower with a power rating of 7.5 to 9 kilowatts uses a six-millimeter cable, whereas models with a power rating of 10 kilowatts use a ten-millimeter cable. Electric showers with higher wattage are more expensive, but they are more practical in use.

Energy Efficiency

Not only must showering be pleasurable, but it should also be cost-effective. Many well-known firms provide items that use less energy and conserve water. Every time you take a shower, they only heat a specific amount of water.

Shower Head Type & Thermostatic Control

Fixed or handheld showerheads are available with electric showers. The former is fixed to the ceiling or wall, whilst the latter is portable. You may either stick it to the wall or hold it in your hand. Furthermore, several models offer a variety of showerhead patterns, allowing you to customize the way the water flows.

Size & Design

You can choose from a wide range of patterns nowadays. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, as well as with handy features like a digital display and touch controls. More importantly, electric showers are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the ideal option for your bathroom space. Because some models may appear bulky in tiny bathrooms, while others may prove to be too compact for your shower needs, dimensions are important.