Buying the best integrated dishwasher ensures a clean look and dishes – especially if you have a fully accessible living space. Most of us prefer the style of a vintage appliance to make a statement, but if you choose function over form, built-in is the way to go to keep your kitchen looking tidy and sleek. 

There are no technical distinctions between an integrated and a freestanding dishwasher. Simply stated, an integrated dishwasher can be nearly identical to its freestanding counterpart, with the exception that you can install the door over the front to keep the cabinets from interrupting. They’re also very similar in terms of price. If you previously had a freestanding dishwasher, keep in mind that you may need a new cabinet door to match your new dishwasher. 

One of the many types of dishwashers available is an integrated dishwasher. The fact that integrated dishwashers are designed to fit into kitchen settings is one of their most appealing features. You can install the dishwasher beneath the counter, with the controls hidden at the top. It’s also feasible to select a handle that matches with the countertop’s other knobs. In this manner, the dishwasher fits in so well with the countertop design that a visitor would mistake it for one of the cabinets. Dishwashers with integrated dishwashers also save room in the kitchen.

We’ve compiled a list of the best integrated dishwashers that will give you the best bang for your dollars. The best integrated dishwashers to put in your kitchen tackles in this article. If you’re seeking the greatest integrated dishwasher for 2021, here are the best options. 


Indesit Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Best for Budget Option 

Indesit DIF16B1


  • It measures 57 x 59.5 x 82 cm. 
  • Noise level: 49 dB. 
  • A+ power rating. 
  • A four-stage filtration system protects from damaging particles. 
  • A 10-year guarantee on parts and a 1-year warranty on services. 
  • Several washing features for clean dishes.


  • Need to register within 28 days to benefit from the guarantees. 
  • The dishwasher doesn’t offer a front to back loader.

Indesit Integrated Dishwasher Key Features 

  • Low noise level 
  • Effectively removes bacteria and harmful microorganisms 
  • Can program to work at a later time 

The Indesit is one of the best in 2021. This model is among the best fully integrated dishwashers to consider if you want elegance, energy efficiency, and years of service. The appliance features a classic and sleek aesthetic with a white outside and stainless-steel interior. 

It has an A+ energy rating and will surely reduce your municipal expenditures. There are also micro-mesh layers that prevent even the slightest dirt particles from entering the machine. This is to ensure that your installed dishwasher will last for years or even more.

In addition, there are two washing settings: standard and extreme. You’ll also get a pre-wash to help you prepare those sticky pots and pans, as well as a drying performance. There are so many things to do in this integrated dishwasher.

In terms of built-in dishwashers, the Indesit is a cost-effective option that checks all the boxes with a huge capacity for place settings, a simple user interface, and a respectable energy rating. 

Adapts to Busy Lifestyles 

The Push & Go feature ensures a thorough clean with minimal effort. Everyone in the family can participate in the 85-minute cycle by just pressing a single button.

Quick Wash 

Have you forgotten to start a cycle? Don’t worry, the Fast Clean mode gets the job done in 28 minutes. 

Hisense Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Quick – Best for Energy-Efficiency

Hisense HV651D60UK


  • It measures 55.6 x 59.5 x 81.7 cm. 
  • Noise level: 45 dB. 
  • Energy efficiency rating A. 
  • 2-year warranty. 
  • Delay timer and Quick wash Features


  • The energy rating is still A but it’s not as high as the other integrated dishwasher models. 

The Hisense is the most energy-efficient integrated dishwasher on this list, making it a strong contender for our top slot. It can also accommodate up to 16 place settings simultaneously, making it ideal for big families. 

Because of its high quality and well-known brand, this model includes the best integrated dishwashers. Certainly, you’ll appreciate the features of this sleek-looking machine, which only focused on hygiene and efficiency. There are 13 place settings, so you’ll have plenty of room to wash a variety of loads. This Quick Wash option is all you need especially if you only have a few loads that need to wash for a few minutes. It will finish the dishes within 15 minutes by the cycle. 

You also get five different programs to choose from, based on your needs. Other options include a rinse aid, a salt indication, and a 24-hour delay timer so you may start the next cycle anytime you like. 

Integrated Dishwasher: Energy efficiency 

This Hisense model has an A+++ rating and an environmental wash that cleans pots with milder temperatures.  It helps you in a way that makes it very energy efficient. Additionally, the door will automatically open by up to 10cm after completed the wash cycle. This allows a natural flow of air and much more sanitary drying. 

Quick Wash 

If you’re pressed for time, there’s also a 15-minute Quick Wash option. 

Bosch Integrated Dishwasher with 14 Place Setting – Best for Feature Range 

Bosch SMV68MD01G


  • It measures 59.8 x 55 x 81.5 cm. 
  • Noise level: 48 dB. 
  • A+ energy rating. 
  • You can choose from five washing programs. 
  • A capacity of 120 items. 
  • Leak protection and Info Light floor projection to monitor your current cycle. 
  • Removable cutlery tray. 


  • The dryer rating is slightly lower but still not too bad – energy efficiency rating A. 

This built-in integrated dishwasher is also energy efficient, saves water, as well as offers a variety of dish-cleaning choices. With its white finish and stainless-steel belly, the beautiful machine does indeed include five wash programs. A speed function is also available to shorten cleaning time in half. Do you have any fragile objects that could be rusted? Among the benefits of the dishwasher is a technology that treats such goods with the recognition they deserve.

There are 14 place settings in the dishwasher. This indicates that a single wash can clean up to 120 items. Additionally, the appliance detects how stained the dishes are and adjusts the rinse procedure accordingly.

As a result, there is no waste of water. It also dissolves detergent perfectly, ensuring that the entire load is even. There’s a leak protection feature included, as well as a cool InfoLight projection, to keep you updated on the cycle’s progress. 

Customize your wash cycles 

This type not only has eight automatic programs to select from, but it also adjusts the amount of water used, the temperature of the water, as well as the time it takes to rinse to meet the level of soiling. 

Integrated Dishwasher: Additional features  

Use the Extra Dry option if you want your dishes to be entirely dry when they come out of the dishwasher, and the Quiet Mark feature for ultra-quiet washing if you want to set your dishwasher on after the kids are in bed especially if you don’t want to wake them up. 

Elegant and handy design 

The Time Light feature will project a fancy LED light onto the floor to show how much is remaining time left on the current wash, and the Open Assist function will allow you to open the dishwasher just by touching the front of the unit, making it ideal for individuals with handle-free kitchens.

Eco settings 

This one takes 195 minutes for individuals who use the EcoWash option on a regular basis. 

Beko Integrated Dishwasher – Best for Built-in  

Beko DIN15322


  • It measures 55 x 59.8 x 81.8 cm. 
  • Energy rating A+. 
  • A quiet machine. 
  • 14 place settings. 
  • Floor light indicator to show the cycle is active. 


  • Control icons fade too quickly. 

Another highlight of the best integrated dishwasher is this Beko. Including its settings and features, you can expect a kitchen sink free of dishes, as well as spotlessly clean plates, glasses, as well as silverware. In addition, the kitchen’s clean white surface and silver control panel offer a sense of luxury.

With 14 place settings, many programs to choose from, and a 30-minute wash option, you can get the cleanest wash possible. The washing machine isn’t loud, and you’ll know it’s running as long as the indicator light on the floor beneath the cabinet door is on. When it’s finished, it’ll switch off on its own. 

Candy Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Best for the Price 

Candy CDI1LS38S


  • Fairly spacious 
  • Has anti-leak feature 
  • Low noise 

The Candy Fully Integrated Dishwasher’s energy rating isn’t the best of all integrated dishwashers. Having said that, it is currently one of the most efficient dishwashers on the market. This dishwasher is large enough for a large family, measuring 55 x 59.6 x 81.8 cm. It also features 13 place settings, allowing you to wash a variety of utensils at the same time.

Apart from that, you will like using the Candy Fully Integrated 13 Place Dishwasher since it operates quietly. This dishwasher stands out from the competition thanks to a number of features. It includes an anti-leak technology that keeps it safe and keeps water from seeping into your kitchen floor. There’s also an auto-cleaning filter, adjustable feet, two storage baskets, and NFC functions like voice prompt and smart check-up.

The manufacturer also offers a one-year guarantee on the goods. Check out our guides on integrated washer dryers and Hotpoint washing machines for additional kitchen equipment. 

Montpellier Integrated Dishwasher – Best for Value

Montpellier MDI800 Integrated Dishwasher


  • The extremely low noise level 
  • Economical energy consumption 
  • Fairly large capacity  

The Montpellier Integrated Dishwasher is another model that makes this list. With an energy rating of A++, this dishwasher uses energy at a moderate rate, saving you money on your utility costs. Not only that, but the gadget’s 15-place option is ample, allowing you to wash up to 150 items at once. It has a very low noise level, which will please you because you won’t have to shout for them to hear you while the dishwasher is running.

Furthermore, the Montpellier Integrated Dishwasher offers 9 programs to choose from, allowing you to wash your utensils in the most appropriate conditions. It also features a delay timer that lets you set the hours it runs. Despite this, this fantastic dishwasher will dry the dishes quickly. 

The fact that this device has a two-year warranty should dispel any doubts you may have regarding its quality – or lack thereof. You don’t have to worry as this serves your investments, making you more productive in your daily activities as well as your household chores. 

MIELE Full-Size Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Best for Excellent Results 

Miele G 5260 SCVi Integrated Dishwasher


  • Less than one hour cycle 
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity 
  • Child lock 
  • Very quiet 


  • Very expensive (but worth investing for)  

If your budget allows, this Miele integrated dishwasher is a reliable and efficient built-in choice that will last a long time. This Integrated Dishwasher is known for its better results and high-quality product. It is perfect for those who have an internet connection at home. This will make your work more productive and save a lot of time. Some people are hesitant to buy this integrated dishwasher but little do they know that this is really worth buying for. 

High energy efficiency rating 

With one of the greatest energy efficiency ratings of any dishwasher, its rapid power wash produces amazing results in under an hour. Another quick-wash option is to pick ‘Short’ for a variety of programs, which reduces the duration by up to 30%. 

Flexible space 

Thanks to its well-designed trays, the Miele can wash up to 14 place settings at once. To make room for plates, pots, and pans underneath, simply line up your silverware in a separate tray on top. It also has a clever fold-down design that allows you to accommodate dishes of all sizes. 

Integrated Dishwasher – Quality assured 

To provide you with unparalleled reliability and peace of mind, all Miele appliances are tested for the equivalent of 20 years of use. No other manufacturer in this industry now does such thorough testing, which helps to explain why the brand is so well-known and the equipment is well worth the investment. 

FISHER & PAYKEL Single Integrated Dishwasher – Best Known for the World’s First Dishwasher in a Drawer

Fisher & Paykel DD60SDFHTX9 Integrated Dishwasher


  • Sanitize mode kills 99.9% of bacteria 
  • Flexible racking 
  • Compact 


  • High-end price tag 

As it can easily slide open and closed at waist height, this integrated dishwasher in a drawer will alleviate any discomfort experienced when loading and unloading traditional dishwashers. It also includes a variety of settings and features that you’d expect from one of the top integrated dishwashers on the market.  

Integrated Dishwasher: 13 wash programs 

At the press of a button, the Dish Drawer can clean everything from exquisite glass and crystal to highly filthy pans. This is because of the Wash Modifiers, which allow for specialized cycle settings such as Quick, which provides a quick wash without sacrificing performance, Sanitize, which provides extra bacteria protection, and Extra Dry, which is ideal for plastic dishes. You can also pick between these multiple wash programs if you use each drawer separately. 

Load capacity 

This integrated dishwasher has enough room for seven place settings and can handle dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware.

How to Choose the Best Integrated Dishwasher? 

Dishwashers can also save you time and effort, as well as save your electricity bills. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to assist you with some of the more perplexing aspects of buying, such as installation questions, technical phrases like location setting, and how to pick the machine with the best energy rating. Before you buy the best integrated dishwasher, there are a few things to think about.

The first consideration is your budget, followed by whether you want it to be integrated or Freestanding. These freestanding units are usually a little more than 60cm wide and lie directly beneath your kitchen worktop. Integrated models are usually hidden behind a cabinet that matches your kitchen cabinets. Slimline variants are also available for kitchens with limited space. 

It’s also crucial to choose speed as one of the factors that you’re looking for in an integrated dishwasher. Knowing how long a wash would take can be extremely helpful for families on school nights, but it can also help you save money on your laundry. 

Make sure to listen to a dishwasher’s noise as well. Younger children may be startled by louder models. Also, before you buy, check the capacity to make sure you’ll have enough room. 

Buyers Guide for Integrated Dishwasher 

We can successfully wash pots, pans, dishes, as well as silverware without getting buried in soap and unclean water, thanks to the variety of freestanding and integrated dishwashers available on the market. People who have to wash plates and cutlery on a daily basis benefit greatly from dishwashers. Automatic dishwashers are more expensive than conventional dishwashing soap and a scrub pad for manual cleaning, but they are well worth the investment in the long run. 

Integrated dishwashers are an excellent addition to your kitchen. They’re simple to hide and provide a lot of value to cleaning unclean dishes and silverware. Dishwashers that are integrated are built-in and made to blend nicely with your kitchen cabinets. To fit the décor of the kitchen interiors, they are frequently covered behind a panel or door. As a result, the vast majority of integrated dishwashers come without a substantial front panel. 

Fully Integrated VS Semi-Integrated Dishwashers 

There are two types of integrated models: fully integrated and semi-integrated. These machines are made to blend in with your existing kitchen cabinets and are hidden behind a panel that matches the rest of your kitchen cabinets. As a result, the majority of models come without a front panel.

Dishwashers that are hidden behind kitchen panels or cabinet doors are known as fully integrated dishwashers. For those who prefer not to have conspicuous gadgets in their kitchens, fully integrated devices are ideal. Typically, the control panel for these dishwashers is located at the top of the door. The buttons are placed along the edge, giving the item a more streamlined appearance. Some types feature visible time indicators, while others have lights or sounds to inform users. These models are well-known and widely available. These models are well-known and widely available.

Another dilemma with completely integrated devices is that the control panel must fit on a very narrow profile, which necessitates stripping down the interface to its base elements, frequently leaving the owner befuddled with just a row of confusing icons. 

Semi-Integrated Dishwashers are similar to freestanding dishwashers, except they are permanently installed and do not have a covered door. Except for the top, almost the entire door is covered by kitchen panels. Instead of being on the edge, the control panel is on the face of the door. This implies that even if the machine is turned off, you can see the timers, buttons, and whole control panel. Several semi-integrated models include a front panel and a huge drawer, while others require a bespoke door panel and frame. These dishwashers aren’t widely available, and they don’t come in a variety of sizes. 


What Are the Features You Should Look for the Best Integrated Dishwashers? 

When it comes to purchasing the best integrated dishwasher for your home, there are a few things to consider before spending your money. Few appliances can save you more time than a good dishwasher when it comes to home duties. One of the many reasons why these machines are so popular is because of this. 

In comparison to freestanding dishwashers, integrated dishwashers have many advantages. Below are the important things to look forward to when purchasing the best integrated dishwasher. It ensures that the product you choose is worth investing in. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them. 

Sensor Wash 

As the name implies, sensor wash detects the portion of food in the dish and pre-sets the wash cycle. The temperature, time, and amount of water required vary depending on the washing cycle. The sensor wash detects the washer’s needs and adjusts the controls properly to prevent detergent, salt, and water waste.

Child Safety Lock

Many freestanding dishwashers are not equipped with a child safety lock. Children can open integrated dishwashers, which are hidden behind kitchen panels and cabinet doors. Misuse and accidents are avoided thanks to the kid safety lock.

Anti-Flood Protection

One of the best aspects of having an integrated dishwasher is the protection feature. If something goes wrong, this setting safeguards the equipment from flooding. Float switches are standard on most integrated dishwashers. These controls, which are placed at the machine’s base, prevent excess water from filling up. The dishwasher also has an aqua stop feature that prevents water from accumulating in the event of a leak or pipe rupture.

Delay Start Timer 

This is a typical feature; it deserves special note. You can set the dishwasher to start hours before the wash and forget about it. This feature is ideal for folks who have low-cost electricity at night. It’s also ideal for folks who like to load the dishwasher throughout the day, run it at night, and wake up to warm mugs and cups.

Large Spray Heads 

For large utensils, large spray heads are ideal. Baking and roasting trays and molds are the most common. There is a large build-up of fats, cream, and caramel on these platters. Large spray heads clean the surface with high-pressure water without harming the baking and frying equipment. If you choose, you can remove the little spray head and replace it with a larger one. 

Slide-out Cutlery Trays

Most freestanding models come with cutlery baskets. A top-attached slide-out tray is available on integrated machines. This feature takes longer to load but saves a lot of space in the dishwasher’s lower racks. For best water coverage, each fork, knife, and spoon must be properly positioned. Slide-out cutlery trays are unrivaled in terms of space efficiency and cleaning convenience. Another benefit of these trays is that they prevent rust from forming when two or more metals come into contact. 

Noise Levels

Integrated machines are quieter than freestanding machines and use it at any time of day or night. When turned on, top-of-the-line integrated dishwashers emit as little as 36 decibels. You can even get one that has ultra-quiet washing cycles. 

Fold-Down Prongs 

In integrated machines, fold-down prongs are available for both the upper and lower racks. Check the racking system’s comfort level before making a purchase. When loading heavy dinnerware into the dishwasher, fold-down prongs come in handy. You can make more space and rack additional pans and pots more rapidly.

Adjustable Higher Rack 

When you need to wash extra trays, huge pots, and pans, height-adjustable upper racks are great. Extra space can be created by adjusting the top frame. Height-adjustable racks typically have release clips on both sides that may be rapidly removed. You may rapidly rack heavier and larger items on the lower shelf if the upper rack is full of bowls, glasses, and dishes. Roller systems also aid in adjustment, but they must be adjusted before crockery is added. 

Energy Efficiency 

While buying an integrated dishwasher is a bit pricey, the savings on electricity costs more than makeup for it. Integrated dishwashers have higher energy ratings than freestanding dishwashers. The majority of high-quality integrated dishwashers are graded A+++ to A. This implies that the dishwasher saves energy by using smart technology to ensure that no electricity or water is wasted. Integrated machines have lower annual operating expenses than freestanding machines. 

Wash Programs 

Integrated machines come with a variety of wash programs to choose from, regardless of the type of crockery and cutlery being washed. If you’re cleaning your bar and simply have glassware, you can use a soft cycle rather than the intensive cycle for greasy pots and pans. Integrated machines assist you in distinguishing between everyday and exceptional cycles. In addition, certain sequences use less detergent than others. You can easily make a choice based on your requirements. You can also choose quick wash settings for items that need to be washed right away. Most quick washes take between 25 and 35 minutes to complete. 

Now, which is the Best Integrated Dishwasher for you? 

If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher, you have a lot of options to choose from. No matter what your demands are, there’s probably a machine that will work perfectly in your house. They come in a variety of sizes, with a variety of functions and design options such as freestanding or integrated dishwashers.

Always consider the future before making a purchase, and check the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees. If you get these things in order, you’ll be able to get the after-sales service that your computer deserves. Many dishwashers also come with particular detergents that are meant to be used on a regular basis. When purchasing a dishwasher, make certain that dishwasher detergent is easily available in your area.

The capacity of a dishwasher is the most important factor to consider when purchasing one. This is perfect for larger families, allowing you to get more done in a single wash and save money on energy. The appliance’s energy rating, which runs from A+ to A+++, should also be considered. The higher the rating, the more money you’ll save in the long run on energy expenses.

Dishwashers consume less water on average than hand washing, saving you money on both your water and electricity bills. Many dishwashers also have auto sensors that detect how unclean your dishes are and modify the time, energy, and water required to clean them.

If you have read the mentioned features above, it will give you so much idea about the product. You don’t have to worry anymore as long as you really understand the things you want to purchase. We’ve already presented to you the best integrated dishwasher, now the decision is yours.