When’s the last time you were sharpening your knives? Are you looking for the best knife sharpener?

Rest assured. We have researched all the best knife sharpening choices available out there for every necessity, budget, and level of involvement, as such you don’t have to. And furthermore, they’re all available to purchase on Amazon. If you really need a wallet-friendly tool or are searching for a do-it-all upgrade, just these best-selling knife sharpeners now have almost excellent ratings and critical praise describing why they’re so great. 

If your knives are no longer sharp, you don’t have to worry – we got you covered. You wouldn’t have to pack all your knives and tote them to a high-priced knife-sharpening counter to get the work done. You could just deliver this best knife-sharpening tool from Amazon. 

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives

PriorityChef Knife Sharpener

  • Designed in the USA.
  • It utilizes 2 stages sharpening techniques.
  • The sharpener’s size is small.
  • It can occupy a small space in your home.

This hand-held knife sharpener comes at a discount price and sharpens both straight and serrated knives. Not only will it sharpen the knives for immediate sharpness it really does so in such a way that they remain sharp for way too long. 

This has two wheels, a thick diamond coated one which will shape your knife to double-edge ends whereas the second wheel hones the knife to enhance any minor holes. Users prefer this tool because it does a job and will not require a lot of space in the kitchen.


This sharpener’s cushioned non-slip handle is easy and comfortable to use. This Knife Sharpener looks like a bunch of cheap manual sharpeners in the retail sector, and at just 7.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, it really doesn’t fill up too much space in the kitchen. A cushioned, non-slip structure helps to keep the product in place during use—and prevents the countertop from scratches. 

Most pertinently, we discovered the design to be very easy to use. This tool has two sharpening slots: coarse and fine. If you start with a very dull knife, first insert the back of the knife into the coarse slot at a 90-degree angle and drag the blade back, moving from the heel to the tip. Repeat this step several times till the knife is sharp enough. 


We checked the sharpener on a knife, a small paring knife, and a large serrated knife. The directions advised us to run the knives through the coarse slot about 5-7 times, but we discovered that a few more times were usually needed.

Don’t ever run your finger along the blade to sharpen your knife. Rather, hold up on a piece of paper using your thumb and forefinger. And after that, with the other hand, try cutting the side of the paper at such a right angle. The sharp blade must be smoothly sliced through the paper. 


This knife sharpener is created of long-lasting elements. All parts of it are extremely durable. We really can fairly easily depend on it. We’ve got a diamond-coated wheel. This knife sharpener also has a diamond-coated wheel. It could make your kitchen knives as sharp as completely new.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100-percent satisfied, your money will be returned. The manufacturer of this product gives you a money-back guarantee without posing questions.

Presto Professional EverSharp Three-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This sharpener can also be used on metal knives of almost any thickness, from thin filet knives to thicker chef knives and cleavers. The detachable blade guides carry the blades at your selection of various different sharpening angles, and the slider enables you to choose thick, medium, or thin blades. 

This sharpener helps to create a slight micro-serration on the edge of the blade, resulting in a super-sharp edge. This might take a quick time to perfect the technique of pulling knives through the sharpener, but it’s easy to use. However, this cannot be used to sharpen ceramic knives. 

Key Features and specifications 

Presto 08810 is indeed a three-stage electrical sharpening system that is introduced by Presto. This model is really a step up from model 08800, which has only two stages. The three stages of this unit are course, fine, and also very fine. A few of the key features of this electric knife sharpener are:

  • Fast and reliable use.  Three to five times for every stage is usually excellent enough, except in very dull knives that may take more time in the “coarse” or stage-1 setting.
  • Detachable blade guides enable a wide range of angles to be applied to the blade. 
  • This unit is easy to remove, at 18.43 x 11.25 x 2.18 inches, and weighs at 5.1 lbs. when used if needed. 
  • The model is metallic-silver and black, which also aligns well with any modern kitchen decoration, particularly stainless-steel decorations. It doesn’t look out of place in a more traditional kitchen setting, either. 
  • Very cost-effective 
  • Good for home cooking blades, but not convenient for hunting or fillet knives, or Japanese style blades.

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System


  • High-Quality
  • Well-Priced
  • Very Durable
  • Popular


  • Learn more about curving
  • Time-consuming if you are inexperienced

This knife sharpener incorporates five different sharpening stones together with a knife clamp that holds the knife throughout sharpening and a guide that allows users to select the perfect angle of the blade. Honing oil is included too. The stones also have finger grips even for a secure hold and are color-coded so that you know which ones are courser and which are finer. Apart from traditional whetstones, this structure still keeps the knife as you move the stones along the blade. This manual system will allow you to sharpen your knives at four different angles, and therefore necessitates some process to be comfier with the technique. 


As when the names indicate, it comes with five hones which you could use to reinstate the dull knives to their beautiful shapes. Each stone has always been colored differently for identification purposes. A further important step that plays a crucial role is the precision clamp, and a storage case is also included, where even the kit parts are placed to make things easy to carry and to organize them neatly for future use. 


What makes this sharpener more successful would be that it allows a wide selection of sharpening angles. Consequently, you can conveniently make the best angle of sharpening for the knife you aim to use on the system. There have been no less than four angles at your disposal, which mostly perform a separate role. Use a 17-degree angle when having to deal with razor blades and fillet knives. It is recommended that you use a 20-degree angle for kitchen cutlery and slicing knives. If you sharpen most types of outdoor knives, you can boldly switch to a 25-degree angle. Lastly, when maintaining blade sharpness to the knives that you usually use for tasks such as cutting ropes or rugs, select a 30-degree angle.


As mentioned above, this accessory-rich kit comes with Five different colored honing stones. There is a 70 grit honing stone suggested for the re-profiling of bevel grinds – the black stone. The red stone is often used to restore the edges. The 280 grit honing stone is handy for sharpening or fine touch-ups. The 600 grit honing stone is the accessory for periodic touch-ups. Ultimately, the 1000 grit honing stone is being used to polish sharp edges of the blade. 

All of the accessories show up in a convenient case. In additament to the honing stones were included in honing oil kit, which is particularly manufactured for manual knife sharpening, the clamp which took on the role of tightening the blade all throughout process of sharpening, 5 guide rods and long screws which make it easier to sharpen the thick blades. 

Easy to use 

You’re not going to find it better to handle with a manual sharpening system, and that in the following we’ll consider giving you several other helpful user manuals to guide you towards achieving desired output with every session: Hone selection, Pressure, and Finishing touches. 


How subjective this manual sharpening system as being can be inferred by looking at the warranty provided for it. Unquestionably, this is a section where the product excels as it is guaranteed to be free from any defects in workmanship and material for a lifetime. Thereby, despite when you discern a defect in the manufacturing process, it will be fixed or the kit will be replaced without being paid.

The warranty is valid as soon as the defects have not happened of misuse, abuse or modification. If you have complexities about using it, you can consult Customer Support for assistance. You could even check out the guidelines manual that comes with that too, as it could provide the proper info too though.

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener



  • All-electric operation
  • easy-to-use
  • Flexibility with procedures of the edges
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful enough to grind knives


  • It can’t maintain the factory angle of most common 20-degree knives
  • It may look “uglier” after grinding

This knife sharpener would be easy to use and reliable enough to transform your 20-degree knives to something like a high-performance 15-degree angle with two bevels. These guides manually adjust the angle of the knife, making it easy for everyone to use. These have three different stages of ideal sharpening. Stages one and two utilize diamond abrasive material to make the two bevels and also the micro grooves, even though the last stage polishes the blades, converting the micro-bevels into the micro-flows that “bite” into meat getting chop for amazing work.

This knife sharpener could be used for both straight and serrated knives. The very first time this knife sharpener is being used on a knife, this will take a bit longer to cut a new angle of edge. Successive sharpening would then take a lot less time.

15 –Edge Degree 

This “Model 15” is crafted to grind at a 15-degree angle of edge or bevel angle. Numerous knives, particularly European designs—are created with a 20-degree edge. This model can grind it to 15 degrees, but you’re going to alter the knife quite considerably. 

A smaller angle on the edge of your knife sounds really good, but it often may have downsides. The thin metal on that narrow edge can bend or curl over to itself, dulling the knife considerably. It is likely to demand more proper sharpening or honing than a 20-degree edge. Luckily, this unit makes the process easier. 

Conical Grinding Discs

Like many other electric knife sharpeners, this works by putting the knife in the grinding slot and moving it through. This model has six such slots—a pair for each of those three sharpening steps. Another pair grinds the left side of the blade while the other grind the right side of the blade. 

For every sharpening slot covers up a conical disc that does a lot of work. The first one is projected with such a diamond and sets the actual 15-degree angle. This one eliminates the most material. This also currently provides micro-grooves on the edge facet to consider giving the knife more bite to hard veggies such as pumpkins. 

After that, the knife is supposed to run through the middle stage. The grinding disc is often tipped with a diamond, but it produces quite a finer grind. This process completes the angle of the bevel. Eventually, the third slot incorporates a flexible stropping disk. Stropping seems to be the procedure of polishing the sharpened edge and eliminating any metal burrs. Such manual stropping requires practice. 

Other Grinding

Know that the main three-step process is mainly for straight, double-beveled blades. With this model, the serrated blades can be sharpened, but it should only pass through the stropping portion. You don’t really want the serrations to grind away!  In the same way, single-bevel blades can be sharpened but necessitate their own process. They should only go through phases two and three. Ensure you only use the slot that grinds the beveled part of the edge! 

The directions included with the sharpener go through all these processes in precision. We would like to highlight out that grinding metal is indeed an assertive procedure. This model does a challenging job but the outcomes may well not look as pleasant as a new knife. Your sharp blade is getting a different shine and the sides can get some new scratch marks. Most aren’t too centered on knife visual appeal, but it really is great to feel safe and secure. 

EdgeSelect Processes 

It advertises their capability of all its sharpening systems. That feels more specious than it actually is. EdgeSelect is more a procedure than just a feature. Discrepancy in edges can indeed be achieved by following processes other than the usual three-step procedure. 

If you sharpen a hunting knife to a site game, this model recommends to skip stage two. The course grind at stage one helps create tiny flutes that assist you get through fibrous meat. Therefore, the stroking stage eliminates the stray burrs from both the edges.

Likewise, a good filleting edge can indeed be attained by skipping the stage one and only using both two and three. The EdgeSelect Guidance Booklet identifies a series of procedures to be considered. One-and two-stage knife sharpeners do not give much of the same flexibility.

Safety and Maintenance 

This model is referenced as safer for households. The evaluation was also vetted and evaluated by the Canadian authorities. Please be aware that it is only authorized for use with a 120-volt electrical system. 

Safety guidelines, of course, apply beyond the scope of electrical equipment. Knives are sharpened by grinding away a little bit of their surface. This one ground metal turns into particles of metal dust that users wouldn’t want in your food. It is also very important to clean your knives after you sharpen them to prevent the dust out of your food.

Most of the dust will end up within the sharpener housing its own. It really doesn’t build up pretty fast, but sometimes the machine hardly needs to be cleaned up. You can open a port on the bottom and eliminate a handy magnet. Brush metal shavings off of the magnet and eliminate any lingering dust from the sharpener. 

Another major maintenance consideration is the stropping disc.  Its white surface would then acquire dust and dirt that affects its effectiveness. A small lever on the side of this model extends the dressing tool within the sharpener which cleans the disc. It suggests that this be used carefully.

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod

Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod

Nobody’s going to love to use a blunt end knife, right? To get it to sharpen using the manual process seems to be the old school process, and it’s also pretty boring. This is the time when the electric knife sharpener arrives to the relief! This knife sharpener is indeed a benefit for most people on a very heavy workload. 

This knife sharpener is indeed an automatic electric knife sharpener that reduces the conjecture of a razor-sharp edge, then there is no need to watch videos on YouTube. 

When kitchen knives are made, they are actually likely to be sharpened on a belt pretty similar to the one in this knife sharpener. The belt is less tough, but still very highly efficient, and can sharpen a dull knife in about 90 seconds. It has three different settings to shape, hone, or sharpen the knives, based on how dull they are. To ensure that the knives are not overworked, the sharpener transforms off at the end of that period.

It could also be used to sharpen serrated knives, scissors and even shears. To prevent the knife off the dust, this has a coordinated vacuum that draws in the dust during the sharpening procedure. As just a perk, this contains a ceramic honing rod to touch the knives between sharpening. This guide on the rod showcases the perfect angle for honing, thus it takes the subjectivity out of using it. 

Key Features:

  • It’s light in weight. 
  • Easy and convenient to use. 
  • Compact and convenient 
  • Entails ceramic honing rod with the technology of MicroForge. 
  • Use the ceramic rod to sharpen the serrated knives. 
  • Doesn’t really yield any inexplicable while the knife is sharpened partly due to its designed and built vacuum. 
  • It can also be used to sharpen and refine hunting knives 
  • Premium grade sharpening belts are easily replaceable 
  • Has a three-year warranty 

It’s all of your kitchen knives – This model has an optional angle as well as belt expansion to modify your sharpener to every knife in your kitchen.

Easy Sharpening – Fast and gentle sharpening represents a strong edge without remembering a handbook. Just position your knife and drag it. 

It can sharpen the knives the way they used to – This flexible abrasive belt sharpening technology is now improved the way high-end knives are created, utilizing high-quality abrasive for a cleaner sharpening as well as adaptable backing to establish an excellent curved edge.


Why is it important to purchase one?

Sharp knives are much safer than dull knives because they demand less pressure to make a good cut. Anyone who’s ever managed to cut a tomato or wedge a lime with a blade that has seen best days is going to do this. A safer, sharper knife is equivalent to a more convenient cook— simple as all that. 

Although that may seem like a bumpy step that is only necessary for professional chefs, sharp knives make a massive difference with everything from cutting vegetables to more creative cuts, such as filling fish. Not only are sharp knives convenient to use, but they also mean fewer accidents, which could occur when you’re forced to exploit things that just need an easy slice.

Is it necessary?

It really doesn’t make a difference which knife you purchase; they all need to be sharpened. But it’s a good thing to keep your knives sharp since a sharp knife is safer to cut than a dull knife. Dull knives could even drag or miss whilst still cutting, and then they can raise your chance of injury. How regularly you need to sharpen depends on how often you use a knife, what you cut, and what surface you cut. 

Although several people believe that hand-sharpening is the best thing to do, it takes real work. Electric sharpeners are much easier than using traditional sharpening stones. Which sharpener is better for you rely not only on your skill, as well as on the type of knives you are using? Throughout the midway point, you may still consider that if you have a wide variety of knives, you need more than one sharpener.

Still, you can consider taking your knives to a high-quality kitchen store or hit a sharpening service, but we believe it is worth spending a home solution to keep your knives tuned whenever you need it. So, where are you starting?

What Are the Things Need to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Knife Sharpener?

One of several things we have learned was how to sharpen the knives. People all began to feel scared to drive our razor-sharp, new knives mostly along the granulated edge of the whetstone. And therefore, mastering how to keep your knives sharp was indeed an essential thing to remember. A dull knife is indeed a dangerous knife, that is. Here are all the suggestions in which you could abuse your kitchen knives without knowing it. 

Plenty of different sharpeners is available on Amazon. While most of them will sharpen your knives, a few of them will do it quicker and more effectively. Which one is right for you? Below is the breakdown of the key information to help you find the best knife sharpener for you.


Depending on the type, most knife sharpeners come in different levels of grit. Many other stones are double-sided, and manual and electrical sharpeners have at least two settings. The level of grit relies on how much metal is removed from the knife during the sharpening procedure. A coarse grit should be used on a damaged knife with nicks or chips. Medium grit being is used to sharpen dull knives that are not damaged. Fine grit is closely related to honing steel and is used to refine the edge of your knife. 


Size is a major factor when buying a knife sharpener. Whereas the size of the sharpener does not affect its capabilities to sharpen, this will directly impact how you store it. Consider the size of the knife sharpener and know how to store it before you make your purchase. 


Knife sharpeners are very affordable. Know your budget and purchase the highest reviewed sharpener in your price bracket. If you’re planning to use the sharpener each week or month, you might want to get a greater model that’s created for durability. But if you only use it especially during the holidays to get your knives in shape, you likely don’t need a crazy expensive model.