A blender, kettle, yogurt maker, or Nespresso machine are just a few of the devices that make it simple to produce healthy homemade goodies. When someone is sick with the flu, a soup maker is exactly what you need. It will stay fresh for days in a mini-fridge. The best soup maker will ensure that your soup is of the highest quality and consistency. We’ll show you how to make an informed decision when purchasing an appliance.

You can’t go wrong with soup if you’re looking for a comforting dish on a cold winter night or a quick, nutritious meal after a hard day at work. This delightful and versatile supper option may be enjoyed all year long and tastes much better when made from scratch. If you want to enjoy quick homemade soup without the fuss, the best soup maker jug on the market is the way to go.

Soup makers take the hassle out of cooking soup from scratch if you’re short on time. Most soup makers can prepare delicious, flavorful soup in 30 minutes or less; all you have to do is add your raw ingredients and turn it on.

Nevertheless, with so many models and options to choose from, finding the right soup maker for you is difficult. It’s a little confusing. In this article, we’ll go over our top 8 soup maker reviews so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Morphy Richards 501014 Soup Maker – Best With 4-Settings

Morphy Richards 501014


  • Cooks tasty broth really fast in only 21 minutes
  • The Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker is easy to clean as it comes with a non-stick coating
  • LED control panel on this broth maker makes it effortless to use
  • You can try a variety of recipes especially since it comes with a recipe app


  • There is a risk of water ingress when cleaning this device.

Morphy Richards is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances and is credited with inventing the soup maker. The Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker is a company flagship that includes sautéing capabilities. This device is a great addition to any kitchen because it can combine, cook, and sauté a variety of smoothie and soup recipes.

Since the Morphy Richards total control Soup Maker has four settings, including smooth, chunky, juice, and blend, this is conceivable. You can cook your soup to your specific flavor and desire using the four settings. The volume of this product is 1.6 liters, which, according to most evaluations, is adequate to serve up to four people.

The pause function is another excellent feature of this device. By removing the cover, you can temporarily interrupt the cooking cycle. This feature allows you to season your food while it’s cooking. The Morphy Richards 501014 Sauté and Soup Maker, like all other Morphy Richards soup makers, includes an angled monitor to make selecting blending choices easier.

Tefal Easy Soup Maker – Best Known for Basic Soup Maker

Tefal Easy Soup BL841140


  • One of the easiest vegetable soup makers you can find on the market. 
  • It comes with design features that make it quick and easy to use
  • These soup makers come with a recipe book with 30 food and smoothie recipes included in the manual
  • Post-use cleanup is simply hassle-free
  • No need to reheat with a keep-warm function


  • It may be expensive for some users

When it comes to making soup and smoothies at home, Tefal is an excellent choice. Unlike most soup makers on the market, which require your undivided attention the entire time, it features automatic programs and audio-ready alerts that make the preparation procedure relatively simple.

You can make more than enough soup and smoothie serve for a small family with a 1.2 L capacity. In addition, you may also use the keep warm option to keep your soup warm for up to 40 minutes. This device’s design is centered on making things simple and quick for you.

To get started, simply combine your chopped ingredients with water in a jug and replace the lid. Once you’ve chosen the proper settings from the simple and straightforward display, you can sit back and relax while the soup maker takes care of the rest, alerting you with three beeps when it’s done.

The creamed soup program takes about 23 minutes to complete. If you prefer a chunkier soup, you can choose for the soup-with-pieces program, which takes 25 minutes to prepare. The blended program allows you to get the texture you want. In just 20 minutes, you can make smoothies and baby food with the compote options. It’s worth noting that the 4-minute mix method does not necessitate the use of heat.

Morphy Richards 48822 – Best Soup Maker by Mom

Morphy Richards Soup Maker 48822


  • LED countdown display
  • Large 1.6L capacity
  • Simple one-step operation
  • Can blend using a choice of smooth or chunky soup settings
  • Suitable for making smoothies and sauces too


  • Can be tricky to clean thoroughly

If you’re searching for a simple, no-frills soup-making jug, this Morphy Richards 48822 is a great option. This has a huge 1.6L capacity and can serve up to six pieces at once. Also, this is a deal jug for large families or those who want to freeze handmade meals for later use.

We enjoyed how simple this soup maker was, and we were pleasantly surprised by the LED countdown timer, which is generally found on more expensive machines. Although this soup maker jug doesn’t have many features, it does have a smooth or chunky soup setting. You may also use it to make smoothies or sauces, with dozens of recipes included in the recipe book.

If you’re looking for a high-capacity soup maker jug with a quick one-step start, this soup maker is a good choice. However, you must ensure that your ingredients are finely diced, preferably into one or two-centimeter chunks.

Consequently, despite its ease of use, the preparation necessary before usage is a little more time-consuming than you might desire. Furthermore, if you acquire any burnt-on food, this model, like most soup makers, can be difficult to clean.

Ninja HB150UK Blender – Best Soup Maker for Large Families

Ninja HB150UK


  • 1000W motor
  • 2-in-1 blender and soup maker
  • 10 auto-IQ and 6 manual settings
  • 1.7L heat-resistant jug
  • Self-cleaning program


  • It Maybe quite loud

The Ninja HB150UK Blender and Soup Maker is a great all-around kitchen tool. Its strong 1000W engine and built-in heating element cook your ingredients right in the jug. This allows you to blend smoothies and sauces or make a hot soup from scratch in minutes.

Its huge heat-resistant jug has a capacity of 1.7L for cold ingredients and 1.4L for hot ingredients, so you’ll have plenty of room for extra portions. This device has ten auto-IQ settings that allow you to program your soup maker with only one touch. Use the six manual parameters to adjust your cooking and blending programs to your own recipes, which are fully configurable.

Save time and effort by using this soup maker to chop, sauté, combine, and cook. Due to its self-cleaning program, it’s also exceedingly simple to clean after use. Simply fill the jug with water and select clean, then rinse it out. It’s difficult to find a better soup maker and blender combination in terms of high quality, variety, and convenience of use.

Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus – Best Heating Element

Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus


  • It promotes quick cooking with the powerful heating element
  • Has a non-stick plate that is dishwasher safe, which makes post-use clean up easy
  • The blades in the blender are stainless steel and have four-speed functions which help you to achieve the desired texture with your blended liquids
  • It has a triple seal lid for safe blending of hot liquids


  • Maybe not enough to make peanut butter.

The Cuisinart soup maker is the company’s first two-in-one device, serving as both a soup maker and a blender. With the touch of a button, you can make your favorite soups and smoothies. It has an 800-Watt motor that efficiently drives the stainless steel blades, resulting in excellent blending with your preferred texture. The blending speed can be adjusted in four different ways based on the amount of liquid you want to blend, with a maximum capacity of 1.75 liters.

The Cuisinart soup maker’s non-stick plate is dishwasher safe, making it ideal for sautéing. The features of the Cuisinart soup maker have been regarded as groundbreaking in most soup maker reviews. This is due to the fact that it includes features that make soup preparation a breeze.

It has a thermal glass jar, for example, that can keep the soup at the same temperature long after the cooking cycle is finished. The powerful heating element also supports rapid cooking, which means you’ll spend less time preparing and serving your soups and smoothies.

You’ll also notice that the whole preparation process is straightforward since you only need to add materials and leave the rest to the appliance. The Cuisinart SSB1U can create sauces, dressings, and crushed ice in addition to soup and smoothies.

Morphy Richards 501020 Total Control – Best with Touchscreen

Morphy Richards Total Control 501020


  • Three choices of soup texture: smooth, medium, or chunky
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • The portion control feature reduces waste
  • Nine functions: three soup texture settings plus sauté, drinks, reheat, blend and pre-clean functions
  • Handy automatic keep warm and pre-heat options


  • Can be quite noisy

The Morphy Richards Total Control has a variety of settings and functions. This jug features a gorgeous touch screen display and a 1.6L stainless steel removable container, making it ideal for quickly serving many amounts. It’s simple to make the proper amount of soup for two, three, or four people without wasting anything. This will be a great option due to its clever portion control feature. If you live with a spouse or as part of a larger family, this makes it an excellent choice.

With nine settings, you’ll be able to make your soup just how you want it. To begin, you can choose from three different texture options: smooth, medium, or chunky soups. You can add a sauté mode to your soup to further personalize it. Nevertheless, if you’re cooking for four people, you’ll find that the cooking plate is a touch tight. This indicates you’ll need to stir the meal regularly, or only half of it will come into contact with the hot plate.

The remaining nine functions include ‘drinks, reheat, combine, and pre-clean.’ The drinks option is useful for creating smoothies, and the reheat function saves time and effort when you want to reheat your soup later. You can even manually blend your soup if you prefer it to be even smoother.

The pre-clean function makes cleaning this soup cooker jug a breeze. However, as with other soup makers we’ve seen, any burnt-on food is difficult to remove, so you can’t rely solely on the cleaning routine. The automatic keep-warm feature is also a great feature. If you have a hectic schedule, this is ideal because you won’t have to worry about your meal getting cold.

Morphy Richards Compact 501027 – Best for Quick Option

Morphy Richards Compact 501027


  • Brushed aluminum design
  • Smoothie function
  • Handy keep warm, sauté, and clean modes
  • Easy controls with LED display
  • Choice of chunky or smooth soup settings


  • May not include a timer
  • Can be quite noisy while using some settings

This Morphy Richards soup maker may be just what you’re looking for especially if you want an easy-to-use soup maker with a keep warm and clean option.

This 1L soup maker jug offers a simple touch operation and a choice of chunky or smooth soup settings, which are ready in about 19 minutes. Fill it with your favorite fruits and press the ‘smooth’ button if you like a fresh smoothie for the morning.

This model, with its sauté function, have you covered if you prefer to make a variety of soups. A keep-warm function is also a plus, as is always the case.

There is also a pre-clean mode, which makes cleaning a breeze. Any cooked-on food, like with the vast majority of soup makers, can be exceedingly difficult to remove. When utilized in certain modes, it can also be quite noisy.  That said, if you’re looking for a basic soup-making jug with a few extra features to make life a little easier, this is a great option.

Lakeland Touchscreen – Best Soup Maker for Luxury Choice

Lakeland Touchscreen Soup Maker


  • Easy to use touchscreen LED display
  • In-built cleaning function
  • With countdown timer
  • Fully adjustable temperature, time, and blend speed settings
  • Four pre-programmed functions to cut, blend, cook, and simmer


  • Has no sauté or keep warm capabilities
  • May looks like a regular blender to other users 

The Lakeland Touchscreen Soup and Smoothie Maker may appear to be a simple blender. However, it is actually a powerful appliance with temperature, blend speed, and time settings that can be used to customize your soup recipes. Simply change the parameters to suit your particular preferences, such as making the soup smoother or the vegetables softer. This would be a terrific alternative for you if you like to have complete control over the entire soup-making process.

The soup maker blender not only allows you to truly customize your soup recipes, but it also has four pre-programmed settings. This will allow you to sit back and relax while it handles the cutting, blending, cooking, and simmering. You can also choose between chunky and smooth automated settings. It allows you to enjoy your precise soup texture without lifting a finger.

The LED touchscreen display is simple to operate and features a countdown timer. This ensures you can just start the soup maker blender and go about your business without losing track of how long your meal will take to prepare. For convenience, there is also an ‘auto-clean setting, though you may still need to complete by hand.

However, some of the features we’ve seen in other models are missing from this soup maker machine. There’s no auto keep-warm feature, and it can’t sauté, so your options are limited. Moreover, it appears to be a standard blender, and many customers found it to be fairly heavy and large, so it may take up too much space if you have a tiny kitchen.


How Does A Soup Maker Really Work?

Depending on the style of the soup maker, it usually works in one of two ways. Soup makers resemble a regular blender in size and appearance. They have clear plastic containers so you can see what’s inside. This soup maker blender blends items exactly like a regular blender, but it also has the ability to cook/heat the contents. Some versions also have a sauté option.

They create the necessary heat either through blade friction or through a hot plate in the blender’s bottom. Soup blenders and dedicated soup makers have significantly different appearances. They resemble a huge flask or kettle and are frequently made of stainless steel, making it impossible to see inside without opening them.

The blades are usually attached inside the lid and there is a heating element at the bottom of soup makers. Some soup makers offer a sauté option that allows you to cook ingredients ahead of time in the jug for maximum flavor. You must, however, pay close attention to the minimum and maximum fill criteria; otherwise, they may not function properly. You may also purchase soup machines with the capability of making cold soups and smoothies.

Two Types of the Best Soup Maker

Soup is also really simple to make, and a soup maker makes it even easier.  These soup makers are divided into two categories. One is a more basic device that requires you to just add the chopped ingredients and hit the start button. A second smoothie blender will accomplish the same task but without the added heat. ‘Smooth’ or ‘chunky’ options are frequently available, resulting in a creamy or chunky soup.

More advanced ones come with extra features, some of which are beneficial, but they tend to raise the price. Some contain a sauté mode, which can be used to brown onions and garlic for extra flavor or color. Others even offer a self-clean option, however, we found that rinsing or scrubbing in the sink was still necessary. The temperature of the soup is kept warm for a certain time after it has been cooked, usually up to an hour. In most cases, your soup can be reheated in the device.

Some soup makers, especially the cheaper ones, resemble kettles, whereas the more expensive ones, which are usually constructed of glass, resemble a classic blender. In general, simple metal versions are light, whereas a more high-tech item is heavier. They’re similar in size to blenders, however, some are a little larger. The capacity ranges from 1.2 to 1.6 liters, so if you’re cooking for a family, go for a larger model. If you’re cooking for yourself, go for a smaller type.

Important Benefits Of Having A Soup Maker

Whereas a soup maker isn’t a must-have in the kitchen, it can help you save time. All of the devices we tested make a smooth, creamy supper in 20 to 30 minutes. Since you’ll still need to cut your vegetables, all you have to do now is toss them into the machine, which looks like a blender, add some stock or hot water, and you’re good to go.

Using a soup-making device to make your own soup has a lot of benefits. Here are a few of the advantages. A soup maker, for starters, can cook and combine your soup while providing you with complete control. This implies that you have complete control over the texture of your soup.

Furthermore, a soup maker eliminates the need for multiple pans and pots throughout the cooking process. You don’t have to keep an eye on your soup the entire time it’s cooking. This is due to the fact that certain soup makers offer an auto-shutdown feature as well as auditory warnings to let you know when the soup is ready.

Eating Healthy

Soups are a delicious and nutritious way to eat. You can stuff them with vegetables, and if you use a soup maker, you’ll know precisely what’s in there. When you make your own soups instead of buying canned soups, you always know exactly what ingredients you’ve used. More significantly, what you haven’t used – especially salt and sugar, which is wonderful for maintaining a healthy diet.

There are also soup maker recipe books available, allowing you to take something you enjoy and adjust it to leave out less healthful or unappealing ingredients.

Soup Maker – Make the Most of Your Small Kitchen Space

Even the largest kitchens become cluttered at times, and we all know how stressful it is to juggle pans on the stove. Since soup is typically served as a beginning, it’s quite convenient to be able to make it away from the stove, freeing up the rings on the hob for the main course and beyond as needed.

Soup makers are also easy to clean, which means fewer pans and utensils need to be washed after cooking or eating.

Be Creative

When it comes to cooking, making many portions isn’t much more difficult than making a single meal. You can prepare your lunch to take to work, or anyplace else on the run, for the purpose of cutting up a few more vegetables and other items. Even if you don’t have access to a microwave where you’ll be, you can heat a food flask before leaving – it’ll stay hot and ready to eat for hours, making it a good way to eat cheaply while out and about without having to settle for a boring sandwich.

Those are some basic soup maker advantages. No doubt you’ll discover many more if you decide to purchase one to make your life easier. Whether you like soup, have a small kitchen, or your hobby is on the blink, these are a perfect solution for quick soup making.

Best Soup Maker: Safety Precautions and Tips

It is essential that you follow the following helpful tips in order to obtain the greatest results from your soup maker. Before using the soup maker, ensure the power wire is fully inserted into the base. You’ll prevent situations when the soup maker fails to turn on or off throughout the cooking cycle if you do it this way.

Furthermore, make sure that any soup makers with a detachable cover are properly aligned with the jug. Lift the lid only after the cycle of the programs you’ve chosen has been completed successfully. Do not fill the jug with more liquid than it can hold, as this will affect its performance.

What Are the Things To Consider When Purchasing A Soup Maker?

The capacity of a soup maker is the first thing we recommend you think about before buying one. The amount of soup you can prepare with a soup maker should be sufficient for your needs. Capacity ranges from 0.8 to more than 2 liters.

Learn how much the soup maker weighs and how simple it is to use. You don’t want to get a soup maker that’s too heavy to carry from point A to point B and that requires a lot of technical knowledge to set up and use. Finally, ask about the soup maker’s ease of cleaning. It’s best to choose one with a detachable cover and a non-stick stainless steel jug.

Although not a standard feature, the sauté function has recently become a very useful and popular feature of a soup maker. It’s an extra benefit if the stock maker you desire provides a sautéing option. Find out how long it takes to create stock, last but not least. This time should be cut in half.

Capacity Size

Consider how many servings you’ll need in one go and pick a style with enough capacity that can produce up to four. Think about the number of persons who will be served. A portion of soup is 400 ml. All of the models on our list have a maximum capacity of 1.6L or more, enough to serve four persons with soup.


Smooth and chunky soup functions are included in most models. The components will be cooked first, then blended or left chunky by the soup maker. Jam, Sauce, Smoothie, Frozen beverages, Dessert, Milkshake, Ice, Steam, and Sous-vide are some other pre-programmed settings to look out for.

Cooking time

It’s not always the case that the fastest option is the best option. At the conclusion of the program, a few quick soup chefs left us with some uncooked fresh ingredients. Cooking the ingredients thoroughly usually takes around half an hour or more. To ensure that components cook completely in a thick soup, chop them into 1cm cubes.


This will be a priority for certain soup producers. Simply add water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and the solution will heat and mix to clean the jug’s insides. Burned-on food, on the other hand, may not be removed. 

Wipe the inside of the jar off with a warm soapy cloth as well, but keep your fingers away from the blades. The best soup makers come with a handy cleaning function that dislodges any stuck-on ingredients and reduces hand-washing.

Soup Maker: Smart Controls

Many of the newer models have options that allow you to choose between chunky and textured soups and silky and smooth soups. If you want to make anything in the middle, seek a manual blending mode that allows you to customize the finish to your liking.

Integrated scales

A built-in scale is worth its weight in gold if you’re following a healthy eating plan and want precise measures. It also eliminates the need for multiple scales, freeing up room in the cupboard.

What Are You Waiting for? Get the Best Soup Maker Now

A soup maker is an important addition to your kitchen appliances since it simplifies and expedites the cooking process. You can cook a variety of soups from scratch, which allows you to experiment with different ingredients. There’s no going back to previous cooking methods once you’ve used a soup maker because it saves time and work. It also has the advantage of not taking up a lot of space in your kitchen, which means it won’t take up important counter space.

Soup makers are perfect for large families and get-togethers. If you plan on cooking for your entire family or friends, you can get one for your home. This way, everyone may enjoy a great soup without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Other appliances can produce good soups, but there are occasions when only a soup maker will suffice. A soup maker is a must-have if you have a baby at home. It includes a steam cooker with which you can make hot steamed baby rice and vegetables.