The World’s Best Cat litter is among the most essential goods you’ll purchase for your cat. However, it’s also one of the most neglected. Cats are extremely clean animals, therefore providing them with the proper cat litter is essential for their health and pleasure. Anything that messes with their toilet habits can cause tension and sometimes even illness, resulting in a grumpy cat and potentially messy accidents.

Our main purpose is to assist you in finding the best deals on the world’s best cat litter.  What goes in one end eventually comes out the other, as we all know. Most cat owners know they need to purchase cat litter, but how much research have you done to figure out which cat litter is best for your cat? How can you choose between all of the different brands and varieties of litter? Knowing each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

We’ve done the research for you, looking into why cats use the litter, what it’s made of, how often to replace it, and a variety of other concerns. We also look at how to use eco-friendly cat litter to lessen the environmental impact of your cat’s waste.

We’ve also looked at a lot of the different cat litters on the market in the UK and picked our favorites based on quality and price. But before that, let’s learn straight from our world’s best cat litter review.

Catsan Hygiene Litter – Overall World’s Best Cat Litter

Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter 20L


  • 100% natural litter
  • Also suitable for kittens
  • Low dust
  • Effectively absorbs odors


  • Non-clumping

Catsan Hygiene Litter was chosen as the best overall cat litter in the UK. A well-known brand is available at supermarkets. It is one of the most popular cat litters on the market, so it’s no surprise that it made our list.  Fine odorless grains of natural quartz sand, as well as limestone, make up this non-clumping litter. It efficiently controls odors significantly better than many other cat litters, allowing your home to smell cleaner for longer.

We got a lot of white dust filling the air while emptying the bag into a litter box because it was composed of natural stone that rubs together in the bag. This, however, rapidly subsided, and there was no need to clean anything.

You can count on Catsan to keep your home feeling fresh and clean. The natural mineral content, according to the business, prevents odor development three times more effective than other typical cat litter, making this one of the best.

The granules’ mineral coating helps seal odors inside. Since this litter is non-clumping, it’s simple to clean up the litter box on a regular basis. Every 1 to 2 weeks, a full litter change is recommended. This litter offers excellent value for money and is available in three bag sizes ranging from 5 to 20 liters, allowing you to select the one that best suits your cat population.

Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter – Best Cat Litter for Premium Choice

Ever Clean Extra Strong Scented 10L


  • Low tracking
  • Fresh scent
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • Some cats don’t like the scent

The Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter is our top recommendation for a premium choice. This creates a super-effective clumping effect, making cleaning the litter pan easier than ever. When used in a one-cat household, Ever Clean claims that a 10-liter box of this litter can last up to two months. While it is more expensive than some other solutions, you may find that it provides greater value for money in the long run.

This litter also has a fresh scent that is activated when your cat walks over it, which helps to keep your house feeling fresh. Activated carbon technology is also used to seal in scents rather than just disguising them.

Pettex Pampuss Wood base Cat Litter – Best Cat Litter for Value

Pettex Pampuss Wood Pellet Cat Litter 30L


  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Large bag

If you want to buy cat litter in bulk without spending lots of money, the Pettex Pampuss Wood base Cat Litter is a great option. 30 liters of very absorbent pine cat litter are contained in this huge package of pinewood litter. It absorbs up to twice its weight in fluids, allowing your cat’s litter tray to stay cleaner for longer. This is not only one of the most affordable options, but it is also one of the most environmentally friendly.

Unlike clumping litter, where you can just remove the waste, this litter will require you to clean out the entire tray on a regular basis. This may result in additional trash, but because pine litter is biodegradable and can be composted, you may decide that this is a reasonable compromise.

This cat litter is 100% natural and biodegradable, as it is created from repurposed wood. It also has a natural pine scent, which is a huge plus when looking for the finest cat litter for indoor cats. Your cats will definitely 0 enjoy using this litter because it has a natural scent rather than dust or an artificial scent. It also keeps your cat’s litter box smelling clean and fresh, which is excellent in a small space.

All in all, it’s a good litter that gets the job done.   There aren’t many high-quality or natural cat litters that can compete with that kind of price. Pampuss Wood cat litter from Pettex has been designed to replace your old cat litter. By alternating the two, you may gradually phase out the old cat litter. You should only use this product after a few tweaks.

World’s Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter


  • Lightweight
  • Low dust
  • Biodegradable


  • Expensive but really worth it

It’s a bold claim, but then this World’s Best Cat Litter UK is a great option if you’re searching for a natural, biodegradable litter. Since this corn-based litter clumps, you get the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and environmental credentials. However, this light corn litter is supposed to be flushable, we recommend putting it on your compost heap instead.

This kitty litter is odor-controlling and has a pleasant scent. As a result, it’s perfect for an indoor cat because it won’t stink up your home or apartment!

When combined with waste, this makes little clumps that are easy to sweep up and do not stick to the box’s sides or bottom. Additionally, the clumps are fully water-soluble and may be flushed away. There will be no more plastic bags.  We observed a significant difference between this litter and another “rapid clumping” litter when we first tried it. World’s Best Cat Litter clumped rapidly and converted urine into neat little balls that were easy to scoop up – and didn’t break apart!

We noted a long-lasting freshness while testing this litter and can attest to the company’s 99 percent dust-free assurance. Moreover, the litter has a really velvety feel, which most cats will adore. There are no chemical additions or scents in the World’s Best Cat Litter. Even when consumed, it is not harmful to cats and kittens.

Almo Nature Cat Litter – Best Cat Litter for Eco-friendly

Almo Nature World's Best Cat Litter


  • Clumping
  • Eco-friendly


  • Only available in small bag sizes

Almo Nature Cat Litter is a high-performance litter made from all-natural vegetable fibers. It is more expensive than many of the other types we looked at. However, it has both clumping and eco-friendly features. Clay is found in a lot of other clumping litters, which some cat owners would like to avoid.

This litter can be flushed, but it also works well in a compost pile. The granules are extremely tiny, resembling sand. While some cats aren’t bothered by this, some aren’t and may take some time to adjust. It will also track through your home, but you may decide that this is a reasonable trade-off for the litter’s environmental credentials.

Tigerino Crystals Silicate Cat Litter – Best Cat Litter for Highly Absorbent of Liquids, Odors, and Dust-free

Tigerino Crystals World's Best Cat Litter

This review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a silicate cat litter, and Tigerino’s version has a lot going for it. It’s extremely absorbent of liquids and odors, as well as dust-free. In comparison to clay litters, it’s also lower in weight, making it easier to transport and pour.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this substance. To begin with, it is not very environmentally friendly, both in terms of production and disposal. Although it is claimed that this litter can be composted, silicate does not disintegrate and is hence not biodegradable. The crystals can also be a little sharp, making them unsuitable for pets with delicate paws.

There are several variants of this litter available from Tigerino, but we prefer the Classic because the others are scented. An XXL variant with larger crystals is also available.

Cat’s Best Original Cat Litter – Best Cat Litter for Economical

Cat's Best Original Cat Litter 40L World's Best Cat Litter


  • 100% natural wood/plant fibers
  • effective odor binding
  • absorbs up to 7x its own volume
  • economical
  • compostable and biodegradable
  • low dust
  • suitable for cats and kittens

Another wood-based litter, Cat’s Best’s original cat litter, is created from secondary raw wood resources used in the woodworking industry. This ensures that no trees are felled in the production of Cat’s Best litter. This trash is composed entirely of renewable raw materials, making it both environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It’s made entirely of natural ingredients with no artificial additions or scents.

In our experience, the wood fibers effectively absorb moisture and odors, and if you routinely remove solid waste and clumps, you won’t need to refresh the entire tray for up to 7 weeks. Since the wooden granules aren’t as large as the larger pellets, your cat may track them outside the box more, but not considerably more than with other litters.

This litter has excellent environmental credentials. It is not only derived from a sustainable source. However, it is also totally biodegradable, and the paper packaging is recyclable. This claims to be flushable down the toilet, just like the Greenwoods natural litter, however, we wouldn’t suggest it in the UK.

Cat’s Best also makes a pelleted litter with the same wood fibers. The pellets are less likely to stick to your cat’s fur or paws due to their greater size and smooth surface. This eliminates the issue of litter tracking outside the tray. However, because of this, they do not clump as well as granules.

Why Use the World’s Best Cat Litter?

Cats are normally highly clean animals, and they have had this inclination since birth. Cats in the wild will strive to bury their feces in a clean manner, usually under sand or mud. There are two reasons for this. To begin with, cats utilize their pee and feces to mark their territory, with more subordinate cats burying their waste so that more dominant cats do not feel threatened.

Your cat buries his or her waist partly to show that he or she recognizes you as the house’s dominant cat. The major reason, though, is to avoid attracting unwelcome attention from wild animals. Burying their feces conceals their odor and keeps them hidden from discovery.

Cat litter encourages cats to pursue their natural instincts when they are within our houses.

How Many Litter Trays Should I Have?

For indoor cats, the normal rule is to have one litter tray per cat plus one spare.

Where Is the Best Place for a Litter Tray?

Cats are choosy about where they go to the bathroom and prefer privacy, so put their litter box in a safe, out-of-sight location in your home. The tray must never be placed near their food or water bowls, nor is it placed near where they sleep. 

A covered litter tray provides more privacy for some cats, while an open litter tray is preferred by others. However, cats are generally tidy creatures, accidents sometimes occur, so the litter pan should be placed on a clean, easy-to-clean floor that can be wiped clean if necessary.

If you place the tray in a room with underfloor heating, you may wish to put something insulating between the floor and the tray, such as a foam board, to prevent bacterial growth and an unpleasant odor.


How Often Should Cat Litter Be Replaced?

Remove solid waste every day and replenish litter every 4-5 days/weekly if you’re using the non-clumping litter.

Remove solids and clumps from clumping litter on a daily basis and refill with the same amount of litter. Although the litter does not need to be replaced as frequently as non-clumping litter, it is still a good idea to do so on a regular basis — usually once a month.

Best Way to Clean the Litter Tray

It’s a good idea to clean the tray as well while replacing the litter. Use hot water and a detergent that has no strong odors. Cats have a keen sense of smell, so any cleaning product with a strong chemical odor will likely repel them. Also, stay away from any cleaning products with vinegar components. This is because vinegar additives have a strong odor that is comparable to cat urine, causing your cat to avoid the tray. If you use a disinfectant, make sure it doesn’t contain Phenol (Carbolic Acid), which is extremely hazardous to cats.

What Are Factors to Consider When Purchasing the World’s Best Cat Litter?

If your cat has been urinating outside of their litter box, or you’re tired of cleaning cat litter tracked throughout the house on their cute little paws, it’s time to switch to a different brand of cat litter. However, there are simply too many possibilities to pick from.

We’ve put up this handy buyer’s guide to help you understand the differences between the many varieties of cat litter. 

Clay cat litter

It is available in clumping and non-clumping forms, with the clumping ones costing more. Cats enjoy both types because the texture appeals to them. Clumping clay litter lasts longer than non-clumping clay litter, although it is more expensive due to the added components. Strip mining, which is harmful to the environment, is used to obtain clay litter. It also has to be disposed of at a landfill, resulting in a lot of waste.

Wood pellet cat litter

This is typically created from mill scrap pine wood, making it significantly more environmentally friendly than clay cat litter. It’s non-toxic, compostable, and biodegradable. The disadvantage is that some cats dislike this litter. Since these pellets dissolve into a fine powder, it takes more effort to clear away, so you’ll need to exchange the entire tray to clean pellets on a frequent basis.

Corn cat litter

Corn cat litter is another environmentally-friendly choice, as it is non-toxic and frequently created from waste products from other industries. It can be composted, thus unlike clay litter, it doesn’t take up space in landfills. The disadvantages are that it is not as efficient at disguising odors as some litters and that it is somewhat costly.

Clumping or non-clumping

Clumping litter contains your cat’s pee into easy-to-remove clumps while leaving the rest of the litter in the tray clean. Several pet parents prefer not to use clumping litters with kittens or curious cats because they may be enticed to ingest cat litter, which can expand in their digestive systems and cause a blockage.

Non-clumping litters absorb fluids just as well as clumping litters, but the individual pellets do not adhere together. This makes it more difficult to remove all of the soiled pellets, as they can easily become mixed up with the clean ones, especially if your cat digs in their litter pan. Non-clumping litters may begin to smell, requiring you to replace the entire contents of the tray.

Scented or unscented

Unscented cat litter doesn’t have any artificial scents, while some types, particularly wood pelted cat litter, do have a mild natural odor. These are great for cats who suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, or are very sensitive to odors. If you’re not sure what kind of kitty litter to choose, odorless is the best bet.

Artificial aroma is used in scented cat litters. Some are set to release fragrance only when your cat enters the tray, while others emit a scent all of the time. While scented litters are helpful for disguising litter tray odors for humans, they can be overwhelming for cats. This may cause them to conduct their business elsewhere, which is not beneficial!

Changing to a different cat litter

So you’ve decided to switch to a different brand of kitty litter! However, resist the urge to dive right in and make a major change as soon as the new litter arrives. Cats are sensitive souls, and if you switch their litter to a new brand while they’re sleeping. They might just repay you by rejecting the new litter and performing their business someplace else!

Alternatively, alter your habit over a period of a week or so. When you clean your cat’s litter tray again, put one-third of the new litter in the bottom and two-thirds of their previous brand of litter on top. Maintain this percentage for a week to allow your cat to become accustomed to the new fragrance and sensation of a different litter without becoming overwhelmed.

When you replace the tray, put half fresh litter in the base and cover it with half old litter. If everything has gone smoothly up to this point, you can make a complete change the next time you change the tray by using a completely different litter.

Bear in mind that if you have more than one cat, you’ll want to make sure they’re all happy with the new litter. As a standard rule, you should have one more tray than cats. You should distribute them throughout your home so that your cats don’t feel compelled to compete for them. They can go on to another if one is taken.