The best integrated washing machine can be a great help if you keep several things in mind. People want to buy machines that are integrated like an integrated dishwasher, fridge, freezer, and others. One of the most essential things to do for now is to look for a high-quality product until you find the right one. You can list the candidates that you think are the best. Then, choose the washer with the capacity and programs they offer that will make your washing quicker, cleaner, and even more cost-effective. Ensure that the appliance’s location and cabinetry are in good care of before purchasing one. 

Purchasing your very first integrated washing machine is the first step towards a classier washing room. Maybe you are searching for a replacement because the old model gave up. Then, purchasing one is a good step for you. In your candidate lists, you can easily turn down when you feel that the washer is not what you actually wanted. 

Any other options? Always take your time when choosing an integrated washer since no one wants to suffer for such unwanted moments. Prevention is the best policy, as everyone says. Allow yourself to spend more days deciding and to ferret out a good integrated washing machine that can save you even a week’s worth of trouble. Only believe the best signposts of the product’s quality –  a trusted brand and reliable reviews from the verified customers. 

This guide will show you the most popular styles and sizes, it will help you discover the extra features you might need, and help you find the right integrated washing machine for you.

Hotpoint Integrated Washing Machine – Best for Top Stain Remover

Hotpoint BIWMHG81484


  • Energy efficiency rating A+++.
  • Removes 100 of the most common stains.
  • A delay timer.
  • A digital display.


  • No child lock.

If you are searching for a highly competitive price integrated washing machine from a brand you can trust to purchase, the Hotpoint is a good option. The 7kg Integrated Washer is ideal for a small family and gives you a 30-minute quick wash. One of the most standout features of this model is the washing programs you will get.

This model is best for stain remover. It is perfect for families and active individuals with a lot of stained laundries. This will help remove over 100 of the most common stains, which is quite beneficial to use. What else can you expect from this best product?

A feature that allows you to speed things by simply using the “Anti Stain Quick Wash”, which helps remove stains in just 45-minutes. There are programs for white, colored, delicates, and for duvets. Moreover, there’s a “half-load” feature in which you cannot find these days. Not all washing machines can offer the same features.

The 7kg load capacity easily handles the laundry of a medium-sized family. Woolmark gave this machine a nod of approval, so you can rest assured that your wool items are secure. Furthermore, while the spin speed removes the stains, the energy consumption is minimal. All in all, this is clearly one of the best integrated washing machines, with multiple outstanding programs, one of the top spin speeds, and being energy-efficient.

Baumatic Integrated Washing Machine – Best Known for Having Half-load Option

Baumatic BWI148D4E


  • An energy rating of A+++.
  • 12 Programs.
  • Half load option.
  • 1-Year guarantee.


  • The retro look might not be a favorite for the others.

This modest-looking model is one of the best integrated washing machines to purchase. Through washing machines integrated heaven, the wash cycle can process a load of clothes weighing up to 8kg.

This sizable bundle won’t break the bank, either. The washer is part of a group of built-in washing machines with an A+++ energy efficiency rating. That’s fantastic since there isn’t a better grade than that.

You can expect various benefits in addition to being able to knuckle large loads of laundry. The machine has a high spin speed, saves energy, has a half-load option, and has 12 programs, including a quick wash feature.

Beko Integrated Washing Machine – Best for Multiple Programs

Beko WTIK74111


  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A quick wash feature.
  • Child lock.
  • A time delay.
  • 12 Programs.


  • The spin cycle has a noise level of 73dB.

Beko is indeed a Spanish manufacturer that is gaining traction in the UK washing machines on the market. They’ve won a couple of awards from “Which” magazine and dubbed as “The Home Appliance Supplier of the Year” by Curry’s.

This Beko model will be in the same price range as the Hotpoint model that was previously reviewed, but there are a few major distinctions to be aware of. The first is that this model has a 16000 rpm spin speed, which implies that after the wash, just 44% of the water is left. This model has an energy efficiency rating of A+++, and it uses an average of 194 kWh and 9020 liters of water each year. These are quite impressive numbers, and they represent significant advancements over earlier Beko models.

This integrated washing machine includes a program for practically any family’s laundry needs. It appears that efficiency and cost-cutting are top concerns. That’s excellent news for anyone who has a lot of laundries to do. Although most cycles take a long time to complete, if you’re in a rush, one cycle provides a fast wash that cleans a 7kg load in just 28 minutes.

A half-load sensor is another good feature that will come in handy for those mid-week loads that can’t wait until the weekend. This feature detects a lower load and makes adjustments to improve wash quality and energy efficiency.

The other programs are indeed great. Here are some of the most useful features that this integrated washing machine can provide. There’s a cycle for synthetics, several for cotton, and yet another for mixed loads of clothing. Baby garments, dark items, hand-wash-only laundry, and delicates all benefit from the highest spin speed.

Candy Integrated Washing Machine – Best for Automatic Laundry Adjustments

Candy CBW49D2E


  • A spin speed of 1600 rpm.
  • Energy rating A+.
  • Also saves water.
  • 8Kg capacity.


  • The energy rating of A+ is not the highest. Although it’s still considered excellent.

Candy is a mid-priced integrated washing machine that is ideal for a household of three or four. This Candy model offers three quick wash modes that allow you to quickly wash smaller loads. It’s perfect for washing baby clothing or shirts in a hurry, as the quickest setting is only 14 minutes. Another good feature is the ability to customize the spin speed and temperature settings based on the type of clothing you’re washing.

This built-in washing machine will not rob you of your money or your time. With an A+ energy rating, you can relax and enjoy the 12 programs and other features without worrying about your power bill skyrocketing. So what about water conservation? This washing machine will never waste a drop of water. When you add the garments to the machine, it automatically weighs them. It then adds just the proper amount of water to complete the cycle.

A weight sensor changes the water and temperature settings automatically to save electricity and improve washing quality. There are three quick wash options in addition to the 12 washing programs. You can choose a cycle that lasts 14, 30, or 44 minutes, depending on the urgency of the situation. If you don’t want to utilize the entire 8kg capacity, select the half-load option to save water, and if you need to restart a cycle later, simply program the 23-hour delay timer.

INDESIT Integrated Washing Machine – Best for Top Washing Features

Indesit BIWMIL71452 integrated washing machine


  • The energy efficiency of A++ keeps the price of electricity low.
  • 1-Year guarantee that covers the price of labor and parts.
  • Washes most fabrics.
  • A delay timer.
  • 15 Programs.


  • The machine is only delivered to UK mainland homes. 

If you like a lot of features, this is another excellent option. This integrated washing machine does, in fact, have 15 settings for spoiling your clothes. You can even anticipate safe washing for those items that require a daily slosh. Two of the programs offer a particular cycle for cotton and synthetics that needs daily care. Have trouble with your duvets? There’s even a particular program for these snug but difficult-to-wash garments.

You can expect more benefits in addition to expertly washing your woolies and mixed loads of laundry. With its A++ technology, this integrated washing machine can also remove odors from clothing, wash 7kg at once, automatically select the ideal settings for each load, and save energy.

Hoover – Best for Fully Integrated Washing Machine

Hoover HBWS49D2E integrated washing machine


  • A capacity of 8kg.
  • 17 Programs.
  • Removes stains and creases.
  • Saves water and power.

The Hoover is ideal for a large family with a lot of laundries to do. Besides the large drum, there are a few other features that distinguish this Hoover design. The first one is the number of possible quick wash programs. The Hoover offers three 30-minute programs, whereas many comparable models only have one. You can choose between 14 minutes, 30 minute, or 44-minute washes.

If you have a baby at home, you will know how much more laundry you’ll have to do. Nothing is worse than spitting up or spilling anything and having to change out of your onesies. This is why it’s excellent that there’s a “Baby Setting,” so you can easily handle smaller cotton loads without worrying about wasting electricity. This washing machine also performs admirably in terms of energy efficiency. It has an A+ + + rating, and its 1400 rpm spin speed only wastes 44% of the water it washes.

This is one of the best options for anyone seeking a large capacity integrated washing machine. These are for clothing weighing up to 8 kilograms. To put things in perspective, that’s about 8 large towels or 40 shirts. The washing machine, in addition to its large capacity, features 17 programs. Specialist programs for stains and to make ironing your clothes easier are among them.

All in all, this is a really versatile washing machine with a lot of useful programs and energy-saving features. It is deserving of a spot on our list because of its energy economy and the three quick wash cycles available.

CDA Integrated Washing Machine – Best for Top-All Fabric Washing Machine

CDA-CI381 integrated washing machine


  • An energy class A+++.
  • A 2-year warranty for labor and a 5-year warranty for parts.
  • All fabrics.
  • A 24-hour delay timer.


  • The 11 programs are fewer than other washing machines.

This front-loader comes with extra features. It not only cleans any cloth, but it also has a longer wait timer than most. With 24 hours at your disposal, you can start a washing cycle whenever it is most convenient for you. While the load capacity is lower than most, it’s still enough to clean 35 t-shirts all at once.

An LED panel makes it simple to choose between the 11 programs, which are controlled by a rotary dial. This washing machine saves energy – even during the most rigorous quick wash cycles – in addition to cleaning a lot of clothing, handling all textiles safely, and being simple to use.

What is an Integrated Washing Machine?

An integrated washing machine is one that is built into your cabinet or unit. After the machine has been installed, a cupboard door is attached to the front of the unit to hide the machine.

It blends in with the home, creating a lovely look that doesn’t leave unsightly appliances in the open. That there’s nothing different about it in terms of functioning; it actually just is a standard washing machine. Only a few more screws and some additional installation work are required.

Viewing products online or in-store might be intimidating if you are unclear what to look out for. This buyer’s guide is intended to give you an idea of things to consider while shopping and to assist you in making the best decision possible before making a purchase.

This review examines each product objectively in order to save you time and potential headaches.

Are Integrated Washing Machines Worth the Extra Work?

When it comes to your kitchen, an integrated washing machine is a simple approach to prioritize the cosmetic side of things.  The option to shut it off from the rest of the world keeps things neat and tidy. This will assist to keep your kitchen cleaner by reducing noise during spin cycles.

Whilst taking the built-in route requires a little more precision in terms of space constraints and finishing, we didn’t find this to be prohibitive or off-putting. Even so, when you’re buying something you’ll use every day and want to last for years, putting in a few extra hours of effort isn’t the biggest deal in the world.

Are They Eco-Friendly?

Since all washing machines use power, selecting one with an energy rating of A+++ to B is a good approach to reduce your carbon footprint. This rating indicates that they are extremely energy efficient and will use significantly less energy. It is beneficial not just because it is more environmentally friendly, but also because it will save you money on your energy bills.

How Quiet Are Integrated Washing Machines?

The latest washers are not only more energy-efficient, but they are also much quieter. Noise should not be an issue if you construct your storage space properly. Of course, if there are any loose fixtures or uneven surfaces, the vibrations will be amplified, causing aggravation, but this can be readily remedied.

Start by looking up the Noise Level in the specifications to see how quiet a washer is. The lower the number, the less noise, and because integrated washers are contained, some of the noise should be muffled.

Everyone wants a washing machine that is both quiet and integrated. But the truth is that all washing machines make some noise. Since integrated models are supported by the kitchen unit, they do not have side panels, which means they are more sensitive to vibrations. Most integrated models have decreased spin speeds to combat this. These noises can be muffled slightly by the door cover. If your integrated model, on the other hand, is creating a lot of vibrations, it could be due to a bad installation. The machine will make more noise if there is too much area for movement, the hinges are loose, or the surface below is uneven.

Is it Really Hassle-free to Maintain this Integrated Washing Machine? 

Cleaning the detergent drawer and the drum, for example, is just as simple with an integrated as it is with a freestanding. The repairs, on the other hand, can be a headache. The pump is hidden below the kitchen unit plinth, making it difficult to reach, especially if the plinth is stuck in place. When you need to get to the back of the machine, you must remove both the door and the machine. Whenever you install your machine, it’s a good idea to get a spare unit door. You’ll have a door that complements your kitchen on hand if you need to replace it after repairs or if the hinges wear out.

Can You Replace an Integrated Washing Machine? 

It is possible to replace an old integrated washing machine with a new one in the same kitchen. You’ll need to find a model that’s the same size unless you’re willing to modify the kitchen units. Definitely try to save the door; otherwise, you’ll have to find a replacement that’s exactly the same. It’s even more difficult if you’ve chosen a semi-integrated machine.

It would be difficult to find a model with the exact same panel display size, so purchasing a new unit cover and totally refitting would be the only option. You should never try to fit a freestanding model into your cabinets. The front won’t be strong enough to hold a cupboard door, and drilling holes in it could harm the machine. Freestanding machines are the preferable option if you relocate frequently. They’re easy to take apart, transport, and reassemble.

What are the things to look at when buying an integrated washing machine?

Pretty much gone are the days of slaving over a washboard with a bar of soap in your hand. The washing machine has been basic home equipment for decades, alleviating the misery of domestic laundry. Your washing machine probably saves you more time than any other appliance in your house, and the bigger your family becomes, the more valuable it becomes!

Whenever it comes to purchasing a washing machine for your home, you have a lot of options. However, if you are short on space and want to blend a washing machine into your home without making it stick out. You might consider buying an integrated washing machine. Integrated washing machines can give you the laundry function you need without detracting from the decoration of your home because these appliances can be kept out of sight.



The front-loading concept is included in the majority of integrated washing machine designs. Since the machines are usually positioned inside a cabinet, they are easily accessible when the cabinet door is opened. However, when it comes to types of integrated washing machines, they are no different from any other form of the washing machine. They are simply positioned differently, such as in a cabinet or under a counter, so that they are out of the way. Many built-in washing machines are also found in places like closets.

The style of integrated washing machine you need to choose is mostly determined by where your machine will be positioned. The size of the appliance you can buy, as well as the sort of equipment you can buy, will be determined by the available space. If you’re tucking your appliance into a small closet or only have enough space for a washer and dryer. An integrated washer and dryer combo, in which one appliance sits on top of the other, maybe the way to go. Several of these models combine the two appliances into a single unit, while others allow you to buy two separate units and pile them on top of one another.

Integrated Washing Machine Manufacturers

Although not all washing machine manufacturers offer integrated models, a handful of the more famous companies do. Some types are marketed as integrated washers and dryers, which means that the washer and dryer are connected and merged into a single unit. Others are advertised solely as integrated washing machines, though you can often achieve the same effect by integrating any front-loading standalone washing machine into a cupboard, pantry, or closet.


The size of the machine you buy will be determined in part by how much room you have allocated. This type of appliance does not come in a single size, so you’ll have to look around to locate one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a washing machine to put in a cabinet, a full-size integrated machine is usually the best option. Combination models, such as integrated washers and dryers, are smaller in size and capacity and are designed to fit into tighter areas. These are used in apartments where space is at a premium and are tucked away in closets or pantries.

Whenever it comes to spin speed, most integrated washing machines run from 800 to 1600 rpm, with many in the 1000 to 1200 rpm range. The machine’s speed is determined in part by the appliance’s size and the manufacturer.

Other Things to Consider When Purchasing an Integrated Washing Machine

In addition to the points mentioned here, there are other factors to consider when purchasing an integrated washing machine, such as size and style. Color is another issue to consider, however, it won’t be as important as it is with freestanding models because the appliance will be hidden. Cost is, of course, an important consideration when making a purchase.

Integrated washing machines, like many other appliances, will be priced differently depending on size, features, warranty, and manufacturer. Then you may be tempted to get the cheapest integrated washing machine you can find. It is recommended that you pay a little more to acquire a machine that is of great quality and will last. This one is especially true because the equipment will be put in a cabinet or other difficult-to-reach location, making maintenance time-consuming and costly.

Installing Integrated Washing Machines

Since you’re working in a small confined space while installing the appliance, installing an integrated washing machine can be difficult. In the same way that a dishwasher taps into the water supply lines from the kitchen sink and the drain, you can tap into the water supply lines from the kitchen sink. Then, drain if you’re installing the washing machine in a cabinet or under the countertop in a kitchen. If your integrated washing machine does not have its own water and drain lines, it must be located near the sink and water supply.

Apart from ensuring that you have the correct water supply and drainage connections available to you, setting up an integrated washing machine is not really much different than any other form of the washing machine. You must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that all water supply and drainage lines are appropriately placed and that the electrical supply is close enough to plug into the machine. Most integrated washing machine installations are best handled by a certified plumber, but if you know what you’re doing, you can do it yourself.